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Covid and psychiatric disorders, Artemisia training course


Psychiatric disorders related to the Covid pandemic. This is the theme at the center of the first distance learning course (‘Neuropsychiatric disorders in post Covid: from social unease to Long Covid – a journey into the mental labyrinths of the pandemic’), promoted and organized by Artemisia Onlus, the association of the of clinical diagnostic centers Artemisia Lab, which will be held on Thursday 27 January starting at 4 pm with the aim of providing basic clinical psychiatric and neurological diagnosis tools and a detailed study on the most widely used pharmacotherapy, especially in patients with multi-morbidities , as well as suggesting multi-professional integration models for the appropriate management of these complex and now numerous problems. Currently – the organizers underline – great attention is paid by the international scientific world and by the Istituto Superiore di Sanità to the psychiatric problems connected to the Covid 19 pandemic. double track: on the one hand, it was found that psychiatric disorders also occur in those who have had Covid in a mild form (almost 1 out of 3 patients were diagnosed with anxiety disorders), on the other, it was found that the virus has the ability to enter and live in the nervous system, causing neuropsychiatric symptoms, even in the recovered, to the extent that the Long Covid syndrome could be defined as Neuro-Covid. Highlighted reduction of gray matter in more serious Covid patients In the most severely affected patients – the experts highlight – MRI shows a reduction in gray matter. Post-Covid neurological syndrome can arise in patients who have experienced moderate to severe symptoms, producing memory, concentration, sleep and mood disturbances in 70% of cases. At the same time, the social conditions related to domestic isolation, economic problems and the fear of illness have also had a notable impact on mental balance, so much so as to hypothesize that the main post-Covid emergency will be represented precisely by psychiatric pathologies. event is accredited for 7.2 ECM training credits and is aimed at all health professions. As usual, Ecm credits are made available by Artemisia Onlus free of charge. The course will be broadcast in live streaming and will remain available on a deferred basis in the following months, both for the use of information and for access to ECM credits.

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