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Vienna ranks first for quality of life


Vienna ranks first for quality of life. This was revealed by Lenstore who published the Healthy Lifestyle Cities Report 2022, drawn up on the results of a survey conducted on 48 international cities. With 1884 hours of sunlight per year and an average of 7.2 / 10 on the level of happiness of those who live there, Vienna is reconfirmed as the ideal place for a healthy life. Other factors also contribute, relating to money and services: in Vienna a bottle of water costs only € 0.70, while a monthly gym membership costs around € 27; the city offers an excellent public transport system, an excellent health system and, in addition, reports very low crime rates. A very significant data concerns the working sector: the Viennese boast an average of 1400 hours worked in a year, while in Italy the average is around 1560 hours (Oecd Data). As it ranks second in the world in terms of English proficiency, the Austrian capital is also popular with business travelers. Suffice it to say that over the past eleven years 2600 innovative companies have been created in Austria, half of which in Vienna. The lean bureaucracy, the innovative entrepreneurial culture and the support to the sector provided by the institutions make Vienna not only the ideal city to live, but also the one to work. Thanks to its strategic location and high quality of life, the city is also the perfect place to attract tech talent from abroad: Eastern European professionals are attracted by the vibrant and international entrepreneurial ecosystem, while other highly experienced specialists attracted by the high standard of quality of life. Lenstore’s research covered 48 international cities, each of which was evaluated on ten different parameters, which were assigned a weighted score. The parameters taken into consideration concern the physical well-being, mental well-being and economic well-being that the individual cities offer.

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