• Wed. Jan 19th, 2022

No Vax, the identikit of the diehards


Jan 15, 2022

They believe in social media as the only and true source of information, they are attracted by conspiracy theories and refractory to confront those who try to support reasons other than their own. This is the identikit of the no vax that emerges from the research discussed during the web forum ‘Psychiatric and Neurological Issues in the Covid-19 Era: Lessons for the Present and the Future’, organized by the University of Brescia and the International Foundation Menarini. Experts reiterated that about 70% of the population wishes to be vaccinated, 20-25% manifest more or less pronounced doubts and hesitations, while the remaining 5-10% represent the fringe of the irreducibly opposed. The studies analyzed, including a work by the University of Oxford – explains a note – allowed the speakers to draw a portrait of the well-disposed and irreducibly opposed, with the group of hesitant ones that are placed in an intermediate position, albeit closer to that of the opposites. “In particular, compared to the well-disposed, no vaxes tend to use social media as their main and often sole source of information instead of traditional media, they have less interest in the beneficial effects that vaccination guarantees for society, and they judge the The speed with which vaccines were developed proved Big Pharma’s unreliability rather than efficiency “, explains Emilio Sacchetti, promoter and scientific coordinator of the web forum and professor emeritus of Psychiatry at the Brescia University. , “the no vax have greater distrust of the system and of science in general, of politicians and healthcare professionals in particular; they have a more marked propensity to live in chaotic contexts and social erosion; they are more attracted and willing to believe in conspiracies and other false beliefs, more conditioned by uncontrolled data about the efficacy and safety of vaccines, more refractory in comparison with theses different from their own and lean towards authoritarianism “. According to Sacchetti “this identikit should lead us to reflect: promoting vaccination using the power of convincing reason cannot be enough”, he warns. “The administration of vaccination to about 90% of the Italian population – highlights the psychiatrist – indicates that of the hesitant is now reduced to the bone, so other tools should be put in place to encourage diehards to get vaccinated, such as empathic and emotional communication. Furthermore, it is equally evident that a massive motivational reinforcement campaign is now needed to counter the doubts that could be produced by anti-vaccine counter-information “.