• Wed. Jan 19th, 2022

Covid, Ricciardi: “Daily bulletin requested by WHO, it is mandatory”


Jan 14, 2022

The daily bulletin of coronavirus infections “is required of us by international treaties and by the WHO. For our international obligations, we must give the number every day and communicate this number to the whole world and to all international organizations”. The advisor to Minister Speranza, Walter Ricciardi, explains this to ‘L’aria che tira’ on La7. “We cannot fail to classify all infections and communicate them to international institutions. Then – underlines the expert – how much and how this list of infections is communicated is a different thing. There are countries that do it in one way, countries that do it in another, but this is part of the communication not of the data collection which for us – he reiterates – is mandatory “. SITUATION IN HOSPITALS – As for the situation in hospitals, “the wards are full and with a medical staff that today is on average 30% lower than poor staff”, and in this situation the doctors “are faced with the health of 60 millions of Italians who have Covid, but also have all the other diseases and are unable to assist them “underlines Ricciardi.” If we were to adjust the number of nurses to what Germany currently has we would have to hire 53 thousand. So right now Italian hospitals have -53 thousand nurses, fewer thousands of doctors, less than 30% of this staff “he reiterates. In short, in hospitals “the problem remains and is growing because we are still in a pandemic phase”. In this context, “the Regions are essentially torn between the desire to tell people that the situation is improving and the objective situations of drama that doctors and nurses experience in hospitals. However – Ricciardi warns – it is these latter that must prevail because at a certain point, as is already happening, a cancer patient who would need urgent surgery must postpone it for 2 months “. Overburdened “by patients who have Covid? No. Who are positive for Covid? Yes. And this must mean the complex management of these patients”. “Only those who work in the hospital – underlines the expert – realize the drama of this situation. Yesterday – Ricciardi says – they called me because there was a 90-year-old patient with a positive stroke at Covid, who was in a ready rescue of a large Roman hospital blocked there because of course it could not be transferred to a normal ward. Hospitals are faced with these cases. What difference does it make from an organizational point of view for a hospital if that patient has a stroke or Covid ? He is a complex patient, very complex, who unfortunately cannot be assisted at this moment because all the departments are full “. COVID CASE COUNT – On the changes to the calculation of Covid cases, a circular from the Ministry of Health, ready but which could undergo changes to what Adnkronos Health learns, responds positively to the requests of the Regions and provides that “patients hospitalized in hospital for causes other than Covid that test positive for coronavirus but asymptomatic – the circular reads – if assigned in isolation to the ward of the disease, they will be counted as a Covid ‘case’ but will not be counted among the hospitalizations of the Area Medica Covid ‘, without prejudice to compliance with the principle of separation of paths and patient safety “. For Ricciardi, “the important thing is that this classification is transparent, truthful and understandable, and above all aims at one goal: that of giving those who have to make decisions the updated picture of the situation of infections, of clinical cases that go to hospital, of deaths and the whole situation as if it were a dashboard of indicators that helps to make the best decisions “. All this must be done “however – Ricciardi warns – not hiding important parameters or indicators from this dashboard. The important thing is that this dashboard is complete and well communicated, this is certainly the path that both the ministry and the CTS will follow”.