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Covid, Brusaferro: “Omicron growth clearly, hospitalizations will increase”


Omicron variant in clear growth, in the next 3-4 weeks hospitalizations and intensive care will increase. So Silvio Brusaferro, president of the Higher Institute of Health (Iss) and spokesperson for the CTS, in the video in which he illustrates the monitoring data of the Covid-19 epidemic. Read also As regards Omicron, from the last flash survey that monitors the variants of concern (Voc) of Sars-CoV-2 in Italy carried out on December 20, “a co-circulation” emerged: a picture in which “the variant Delta was still prevalent, but the Omicron variant was growing sharply, with percentages over 20%. ” The national average is 21%, “albeit with great differences from region to region”. “The next survey will be done next Monday, January 3”, announced Brusaffero. From the table shown in the slide, the highest figure is that of Umbria, with Omicron at 64.7%, followed by Tuscany and Basilicata at 50%, and by Lombardy and Valle d’Aosta at 40.4% and 40% respectively. “It is important to remember that, especially with the strong circulation and the strong transmissibility of the Omicron variant, people who have not yet started the” anti-Covid “vaccination cycle should start it as soon as possible, precisely to protect themselves from this variant” . “We see that the numbers” of unvaccinated “are still significant”, underlines by showing a slide showing over 3.4 million Italians without vaccine doses, especially in the 40-49 age group (almost 1.3 million), followed from 50-59 years (almost 1.1 million). The incidence of Covid-19 cases in Italy is “clearly growing”. The transmissibility index Rt “remains above the threshold of 1”, at 1.22 that calculated on the symptomatic and 1.11 for the hospital, projected forward by one week. “These are indicators that show us that the number of new cases and hospitalizations is still growing”, underlined Brusaferro. “Looking at the European maps it emerges that the circulation” of Sars-CoV-2 “also in our country is becoming more and more intense”, turning towards the darkest red. “The Italian curve has increased and shows growth like in many other European countries”, he continued. The picture of the Peninsula “shows us how in almost all regions there is a growth in the number of new cases”. The growing Covid figures are also confirmed “in terms of an increase in hospitalizations. a value of 12.9% in the occupation “of beds by Covid patients, which this week brings inpatients from 1,023” to 1,226 “. “And the trend is also growing as regards the medical areas, which went from 8,722 to 10,866 hospitalized this week, exceeding the 17% of occupancy of the available beds”. The projections, then, “show” still “an increase” at the same pace “with the current level of transmission. And they indicate” the probability that in the space of 3-4 weeks the beds will gradually become occupied and that these percentages increase “, and there is, in short,” an increase in the probability of occupancy of these beds “. It has been seen in recent days that” the number of tampons is also growing significantly: every day the threshold of one million tests is exceeded. . Comparing the curves with the previous season, we see that the cases are in clear growth. But also hospitalizations and admissions to intensive care, although much lower than the previous year, are on the rise “.” The younger age groups are those characterized by greater circulation of the “Sars-CoV-2 virus.” week the 20-29 age group is configured as the one where circulation has increased more significantly but all the groups under 40 are characterized by a growth from week to week. And we see that among the youngest the curves are confirmed in clear growth both in the under 12s and in the under 20s “.” A fact that we point out this week is that in recent weeks, also thanks to the circulation of the Omicron variant “of Sars-CoV-2, “there are also reports of reinfections in people who had already contracted the virus. This” recalls the importance of completing vaccination courses and booster doses where they are recommended. “” As for the risk of hospitalization “for Covid-19” in the younger age groups we see that it remains contained but always present, and this is a strong fact that reminds us of the importance of vaccination even in the younger groups, where “the vaccine” it is recommended “, said the president of the Higher Institute of Health.



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