NewsHealthCovid, president 118: "Ffp2 obligation, with no surgical variants"

Covid, president 118: “Ffp2 obligation, with no surgical variants”


“It is no longer time for surgical masks with variants”, lastly the Omicron variant, “for us the Ffp2 mask must be mandatory everywhere because surgery protects others from ourselves, but leaves us unprotected from others and since unfortunately many they do not carry it, the surgery is useless, it is a sieve for the virus “. Mario Balzanelli, national president of the Italian 118 system company says this to Adnkronos Salute. But in particular conditions “Ffp2 is not enough either – warns Balzanelli – If we find ourselves in a condition in which it is not possible to respect interpersonal safety distances, such as when we are crushed in the bus, in the subway or whenever someone who does not wear a mask is talking to us – says the expert – we also need to protect the eyes by wearing a pair of glasses (better if tight like those of the soccer). And this – explains the president of Sis 118 – because the Ace receptors, which are those to which the virus binds through the spike protein, are very numerous at the conjunctiva, cornea and tears level. puts a positive subject to talk without a mask and I only have the Ffp2, the column of air exhaled by the positive subject ends up in my eye and the suspended viral particles in the aerosol produced they bind with my Ace receptors and I get infected through the eye “.


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