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‘Women in half’, teaming up against triple negative breast cancer


Nov 26, 2021

“Triple negative breast cancer is very aggressive and therefore it is important to know it well. We need to make sure that women know what awaits them and their care path. Information is very important. The site that we have just launched contains all the information and women will be able to find associations that welcome people who have experienced cancer ”. Thus Rosanna D’Antona, president of Europa Donna Italia, on the sidelines of the launch of the “Donne in meta” campaign which aims to educate and raise awareness on the issue of triple negative metastatic breast cancer. A campaign promoted by Gilead with the patronage of Europa Donna. “Donne in meta wants to help women reach the goal they have set themselves – continues Rossana D’Antona – face the disease with determination and get out of it. This is the meaning of the campaign. We, as Europa Donna, have sponsored this path with interest and participation using the tools we have at our disposal such as the alliance with medicine, with other associations, support for caregivers. Accompanying a woman with this type of disease is not easy, so we have produced an instruction and advice booklet specifically aimed at caragivers “. For the launch of the campaign, data from a survey conducted by Elma Research were presented: “This is a survey of 100 patients with triple negative breast cancer and some of their partners – explains Elena Ripamonti, founder and CEO of Elma Research – Figures of women of great resilience have emerged who go through an experience of different emotions and who transform themselves: from fear to the moment of diagnosis one arrives then to a sense of hope, optimism and acceptance. Fear always remains in the background because the great theme is that of time. The initial fear is that of not knowing how much time will be available and how the disease will evolve. There is also a lot of fear of not discovering metastases in time because some diagnostic tests are not included in the therapeutic path “.

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