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‘Like a refrain’, Elio and Le Storie Tese sing about therapeutic adherence


Nov 26, 2021

There are still 4 million people in Europe who lose their lives every year due to cardiovascular disease, despite the fact that over the past two decades there has been a progressive decline in mortality. In Italy, they represent the main causes of morbidity, disability and death, being responsible for 34.8% of all deaths, with a heavy economic impact for society estimated at 16 billion euros for direct costs and over 5 billion for indirect costs, calculated as lost productivity. “Come un Ritornello” is the new campaign of the Servier Group in Italy aimed at promoting therapeutic adherence in chronic cardiovascular diseases, starring Elio and Le Storie Tese, with a jingle dedicated to patients to explain the importance of correctly following the instructions from the doctor and thus guarantee the effectiveness of the therapy. “Taking part in this campaign was a great experience – say Elio and Le Storie Tese – we are aware of the importance of the role we play, above all because the voice of well-known personalities is more easily heard by the public. Putting important and complex messages to music has been a challenge that has enriched us and, if it will help people with cardiovascular diseases to live their daily lives in a more peaceful way, it will mean that we will have achieved great success “. In Italy only 50 % of over 65s correctly follow the doctor’s instructions regarding treatment The reasons may be different, such as forgetfulness, the complexity of the therapy, the duration and possible side effects of the treatment and the lack of perception on the potential consequences of non-adherence. There is also the possibility that comorbidities are present, which cause the number of drugs to be taken to increase and with it the difficulty in correctly adhering to the therapeutic plan. The message of the “Come un Ritornello” campaign is therefore to share the motivations for the basis of the doctor’s therapeutic choices and to follow his indications, avoiding to do things on his own and interrupt cares for no reason. “The watchword for doctors must be sharing – says Giovambattista Desideri, director of Uoc Geriatrics, Long-Term Geriatric Ward and School of Specialization in Geriatrics, University of L’Aquila – The success of any therapeutic intervention, in fact, necessarily presupposes active involvement and collaborative of the patient who must be adequately empowered in the implementation of the therapeutic interventions planned to protect their state of health. A patient who knows the benefits of treatment will be more likely to adhere scrupulously to the doctor’s therapeutic prescriptions. This doctor-patient “alliance” is above all important in the management of chronic diseases, particularly widespread in the adult-elderly population, because the frequent coexistence of several pathologies can sometimes require rather complex treatments “.” The solution to the problem of poor adherence must be sought especially in the simplification of therapy, trying to avoid as much as possible the fragmentation of drug intakes throughout the day and reducing the number of tablets to the maximum – continues Desideri – Effectiveness, tolerability and simplicity of treatment represent, in fact, the indispensable requirements for achieve therapeutic success. The current availability of pre-established combinations of drugs commonly used in the cardiovascular field, such as antihypertensives and cholesterol-lowering drugs, allows the doctor to achieve the various therapeutic objectives required from time to time by using a reduced number of tablets “.” Servier strongly believes in the contribution that can give the health system of our country, even more in this period of pandemic, in which the most affected are ‘fragile’, chronic and polytreated elderly patients – declares Marie-Georges Besse, Director of Medical Affairs of the Servier Group in Italy – For for this reason, on the one hand we are committed to the search for innovative and ‘patient friendly’ drugs, which support the patient in the correct intake of therapy, such as fixed dose combinations and polypills, on the other we provide educational tools and awareness-raising aimed at promoting awareness of how crucial therapeutic adherence is for health of the patient, the NHS and society. ‘Like a Chorus’ now, ‘Chronic Impatient’ and ‘At the heart of adherence’ in recent years are just a few examples of our ongoing effort to counter and control the impact of cardiovascular pathologies at the individual patient and community level ” To listen to the jingle and more info on the ‘Come un Ritornello’ campaign www.alcuoredelladerenza.it

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