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Third early dose and vaccine 5-11 years, Minelli: “So shoveled to virus”


Nov 25, 2021

“Personally, I am sure that with the third dose of” anti covid vaccine “already at 5 months and with vaccination for under 12, suitably modulated by dosage and on the basis of any clinical histories of the very young vaccinators, we will be able to definitively lighten the pathogenic potential of a unscrupulous killers and, consequently, the load on hospitals, which, I recall, is one of the main reasons for concern in this pandemic “. This was underlined by the immunologist Mauro Minelli, head of the Foundation for Personalized Medicine for Southern Italy, to Adnkronos Health. “Today we have a picture in which vaccination is essential to shield us from the action of a virus that is still among us with levels of contagiousness that, due to the delta variant, at least in our continent, are no less than what is recorded in beginnings – remarks Minelli – And that no one reminds us that even vaccinated people are infected: it is a refrain older than the cuckoo. It is for months that, giving easy easy examples, we reiterate that the vaccine is not the magic cloak of Harry Potter under which we become invisible to the virus. The vaccine does not shield us from the aggression of the virus, it protects us and neutralizes the action of the virus once this intruder has entered our organism (also immune-equipped with a vaccine) the most sometimes coming from a subject with impunity not vaccinated or clumsily without a mask in a confined and crowded environment. for the flu, on periodic reminders, or on the need to revaccinate all rather than the most fragile categories of patients. Today – he continues – there are other priorities to which to give answers, and someone’s reaffirmation of the usual confounding elements is very reminiscent of the actions of schoolchildren who, unprepared for school, try to shift the teacher’s attention to topics known to them. . It is necessary – he concludes – to change register with decision, also because the vulnerability points of Sars-Cov-2 are beginning to emerge which should interest us much more than the usual complaints of eternal dissatisfied “.

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