• Mon. Nov 29th, 2021

‘Women in half’ versus triple negative metastatic breast cancer


Nov 25, 2021

‘Donne in meta’, an education and awareness campaign on triple negative metastatic breast cancer, promoted by Gilead with the patronage of Europa Donna Italia, was presented in Milan. A project that takes its cue from the world of rugby, a sport based on mutual support in every game situation, to ‘team up’ against Tnbc (Triple Negative Breast Cancer), an aggressive form of breast cancer that represents 15-20% of diagnosis. In addition to inviting all patients not to withdraw into themselves, but to focus on the strength of the group, the campaign aims to offer – through the website www.donneinmeta.it – ​​a point of reference for correct information on this type of carcinoma, to host some interventions of the ideal team that has to support patients including patient associations, clinicians, caregivers, and to be a constantly updated observatory on the needs of the ‘team’. “Listening and if possible meeting the needs of patients, including those related to the emotional sphere, is a fundamental aspect of the treatment path. For this reason our company – explains Cristina Le Grazie, Executive Director Medical Affairs of Gilead Sciences – as well as engaging in the research and development of new anticancer drugs, is delighted to promote initiatives such as Donne in meta, our new campaign aimed at teaming up in patient support. Today’s campaign is for Gilead Italia only or the first step of the important path that awaits us alongside women affected by triple negative metastatic breast cancer “.The meeting also offered the opportunity to present the data of a survey conducted by Elma Research, which saw over 100 women with triple negative breast cancer as protagonists, to which some partners were added. According to the research – on a sample of 102 patients with TB, average age 52 – fear, loss and confusion are the three feelings that accompany the discovery of the tumor. The first objective is therefore to avoid that they take over, and the second to replace them with positive feelings deriving from one’s inner strength and which pass from the acceptance of the new condition to a cautious optimism. time is a key factor for patients. With an important distinction: if the future one is above all a source of anxiety and insecurity (47% are afraid of it, 35% no longer plan anything), the higher value assumed by the present one represents instead the first positive aspect for most. of them (56%), practically equal to the support received from family and friends (54%). The indication is therefore to fully live today, being more with loved ones and dedicating more to their interests, to also have more confidence in tomorrow.The campaign has an exceptional ambassador who comes from the world of rugby. : “Rugby develops the attitude of thinking that there is always an opportunity to get up and optimize what we have available to reach the goal in spite of the difficulties – says Marco Bortolami, ambassador of Donne in meta and today head coach of Benetton Rugby after making 112 appearances for the national team as a player – When they talked to me about Women in the goal and the message they intend to promote, I immediately thought about this aspect, even if the match against cancer is obviously tougher and complicated than any other. But for this very reason it becomes even more important to ‘never give up!’, or to continue believing in it, to live the present action after action without passively undergoing and adversity, but instead leveraging the strength of the group to overcome them “.

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