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Super green pass Italy, what the experts think


Nov 25, 2021

The Super green pass in Italy is coming, with new restrictions intended only for non-vaccinated people who will be forbidden to access a series of activities, from shows to sporting events, and necessary to enter indoor bars and restaurants, participate in parties and enter in discos. And the experts received unanimous applause for the government after the green light for the measures.

Government that “deserves 9 in the report card”, underlines Professor Matteo Bassetti, who assigns the vote for the restrictions for no vax starting from 6 December. “For the measures launched by the government, my vote is a good 9, for the decisions taken yesterday and also for the vaccination campaign conducted so far”, the head of the infectious diseases department of the San Martino hospital in Genoa told Adnkronos Salute. “I am very happy – he says – The super Green pass can be an additional incentive for vaccinations and then I am also satisfied with the extension of the obligation for teachers and law enforcement”. “I must say that the Government has shown that it is on the side of serious doctors and health professionals who have been in the trenches for 2 years now. A 10 cannot be given, but we are very close”, says Bassetti. “It is something of everything. all in all, it is reasonable to prevent potentially infected people from accessing the premises “, as we aim to do by binding the attendance of bars, restaurants, cinemas, theaters to the possession of the reinforced Green pass, valid only for vaccinated and recovered people. “But the real problem is continuing to send around many people with antigenic tampons” as a pass, “beyond the fact that they cannot enter the premises”, underlines the virologist Andrea Crisanti to Adnkronos Salute. For the director of the Department of Molecular Medicine of the University of Padua, therefore, the problem of rapid antigenic swabs remains unresolved, that is the opportunity to use them for the purposes of the green certificate, given the greater risks of false negatives. But he also expresses some doubts about the duration of the Green pass. According to Crisanti, in fact, the ideal was to align its validity with the 6 months considered critical threshold for the decline in vaccine protection. And in any case, observes the expert, “between vaccinated in the first hour and people who used tampons” as a pass, “a large part of the population now risks not having the pass. It should also be considered that those vaccinated for less than 6 months are very few. So we go back to the starting point: the key are the third doses and we must aim to accelerate on this front “. Then there is the measure that extends the requirement for an anti-Covid vaccine to new categories. A step forward? “Not to save Christmas – replies the virologist – but to get people vaccinated.” “This time I think we were rightly afraid of what could be the consequence of the fourth wave” of Covid-19, “and this is a choice that he rightly wants to anticipate the times and try to save Christmas with the greatest possible guarantees “. Thus the virologist Fabrizio Pregliasco, professor at the State University of Milan, at Adnkronos Salute, in the aftermath of the government squeeze. “It is clear that there is no instruction manual – underlines the expert – I think this has been a difficult mediation in the feasibility and feasibility of these interventions”. Interventions that Pregliasco considers “necessary”. “A reaction that – he specifies – the more anticipatory, the more it will allow us to avoid what we fear: trouble during the holidays from the point of view of health and the economy”.

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