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Super green pass, Sileri: “Even in the white area”


Nov 24, 2021

“The Super green pass” will be “already in the white zone” and “in the evolution of the yellow or orange zone, being vaccinated will give advantages”, that is, “being able to access all the activities that would otherwise be precluded. So everything it remains open, but is closed to those who do not have the vaccination or are not cured “. So on ‘Timeline’ on Sky Tg24 the Undersecretary of Health Pierpaolo Sileri. Read also “At the moment there are no restrictions – Sileri anticipated – there will be overlap between white and yellow, in the sense that the only thing that will be different between white and yellow – said the undersecretary – is the use of the mask outdoors “. Because for example “the rule that provided that in the yellow zone at the restaurant indoors at the table there should be a maximum of 4 people will clearly not apply to those who are vaccinated”.

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