• Mon. Dec 6th, 2021

Covid, Pregliasco: “Even in Italy with a cold stroke of the tail”


Oct 26, 2021

The European situation, with infections from Covid on the rise, according to Fabrizio Pregliasco, health director of the Irccs Galeazzi Orthopedic Institute in Milan, could also occur in Italy: “Cold and thermal shocks are also about to arrive here – he explains to iNews24 microphones. -. We have reopened work activities and schools. We will only have to see when the tail blow will also arrive in Italy, but we risk the same scenario, with the coexistence of the flu virus. In other countries the cold arrives earlier and the UK has made the mistake of having reopened everything “. In the United Kingdom, he continues, “they were reckless and soon opened everything in an exaggerated way. In the other cases they vaccinated very little, if we see the dead and seriously ill, the vaccination is holding”. As for Bulgaria and Romania , according to Pregliasco “there is no manual. Each nation has tried with different mechanisms. There are those who wanted to give a green light that at this moment does not seem to have been the best decision.” And on the new Delta plus variant Pregliasco says: ” It is also present in small percentages in Italy. The English figure is around 6-10% and has existed for a while. The fact that it has not gained so much momentum means that it does not have a great diffusion capacity. It seems that it does not change the characteristics of the disease but it would only be 10% more contagious. So the UK’s main fault is not doing anything. he Lazio Region is about to start in schools, Pregliasco explains: “The nasal spray vaccine, already known for some time, is live-attenuated. It replicates, but has been adapted to live well at a temperature below that of the human body. Then the virus creates a natural infection of the upper respiratory tract, but finding it too hot it destroys itself and does not cause disease. It finds a nice antibody response because it directly torches the disease. “As for the heterologous vaccination for those who received the J&J Covid vaccine,” it could give better results “, he explains again.” Another dose should not be taken. after 2 months – specifies the expert – J&J starts from a not very high coverage and gradually decreases. The FDA has said that “a second dose” can be done from 2 months “from the first” onwards. However, the prospect is to give everyone a second dose and the heterologous vaccination gives excellent results “.