• Mon. Dec 6th, 2021

L’étoile Susanna Salvi: “To tell Carla Fracci a ‘Downton Abbey’ of dance would be needed”


Oct 25, 2021

“When she learned that I had to ‘interpret her’ on TV she called me immediately to give me some advice. She told me she was very happy. That’s how Carla Fracci was. An infinite example of dedication and generosity. It will not be easy to tell her life in a fiction of a few hours. It would take a Downton Abbey of dance. ” This is what the étoile of the Rome Opera House Susanna Salvi said to the Adnkronos. She will be the stunt double of Alessandra Mastronardi in the TV film, directed by Emanuele Imbucci, broadcast in December on Rai1 dedicated to the great divine of dance, ‘Carla’, also scheduled at the cinema from 8 to 10 November. “Carla Fracci has guided me in the profession since, as a child, I entered the School of the Teatro dell’Opera in Rome directed by Paolo Jorio, I worked with her for 13 years, my gateway to the profession – added Salvi – I remember that it was she who led me by the hand to the then superintendent to make me anticipate the first contract within the company. It would have been my debut in ‘Swan Lake’. I remember her humanity, attention to detail, to details during rehearsals and on stage. He wanted everything to be perfect or at least perfectible “.” And then Mrs. Fracci – the étoile of the Teatro dell’Opera in Rome recalled – was a great example for all of us. , for her bar and daily lesson. Woman of infinite charisma, she gave off a special aura, a particular light. Even as an interpreter she was a unique artist. Perhaps her physical gifts were not comparable, for example, to Russian stars today, but from the bust up was unreachable. The arms, the head, the épaulement … Carla Fracci was truly special. “Susanna Salvi will dance in ‘Le specter de la Rose’, extracted from the Nutcracker, from Mario Pistoni’s Strada, the ballet freely inspired by Fellini’s masterpiece interpreted by Giulietta Masina, reassembled for the occasion by Paul Chalmer. And on the relationship with her double – Alessandra Mastronardi, Susanna Salvi confessed “to have worked in extraordinary harmony for over 2 months. We supported and advised each other. In some moments Alessandra remembered Signora Fracci, her profile, her long neck. Maybe even the way she was made up, combed. Simply moving “. Alongside Susanna Salvi, two students from the School of Ballet in Rome, directed by Paola Jorio, Eleonora Teodori and Livia Serafini, respectively to interpret Carla Fracci as a child and her best friend. Paola Jorio has followed the rehearsals and is was in contact, until a few days before her death, with Carla Fracci. “We worked together at the Teatro dell’Opera di Roma for 10 years – recalled Paola Jorio – A sensitive woman, of profound humanity, empathetic, always so close to people . It was not that distant, unattainable, distant myth. We were talking about the fiction that Rai would have dedicated to her. ‘We’ll see … Who knows, he said to me. On the other hand … it is always better that something be done, rather than denying a chance to any project, he concluded “.