• Fri. Oct 22nd, 2021

Son Gabriella Ferri announces: “On May 11 in Rome, the square named after my mother”


May 6, 2021

On 11 May next in Rome a square will be dedicated to the Roman artist, Gabriella Ferri. This was announced on Radio Puff by his son Seva Borzak who today was a guest of the web radio born on January 27 (the day of Lando Fiorini’s birth), the only web radio in the world that broadcasts Roman music 24 hours a day, from Lando Fiorini to Gabriella Ferri , from Califano to Proietti, from Petrolini to Romolo Balzani up to Barbarossa, Mannarino, Ultimo and L’Orchestraccia. “I am happy with this event – he tells Adnkronos – I am not a musician, I am a tour guide both in the capital and throughout Italy and I am a pilot of airplanes, but the music entered me first with my mother and now, again , through my children. They are six and all musicians: one is a violinist, another cellist, a clarinetist, another daughter plays the transverse flute, the second son in addition to playing the piano is a conductor and the oldest sings, plays the piano and the guitar “. Seva, could be defined as a real bridge for music. “I learned by chance that the Capitoline administration had decided to name a square after my mother, in the Laurentina area, near the Maximo shopping center. And now, next Tuesday, there will be the official ceremony at 10.30 with the mayor Raggi and the councilor Lorenza Fruci. The plaque bearing the name of my mother will be discovered “, says Gabriella Ferri’s son who will reveal many new things about his mother’s artistic and human path , again on Radio Puff, with a monthly appointment. (Veronica Marino)