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Fiorella Mannoia, ‘my version on Rai3, between lightness and reflection but without quotas’


Oct 22, 2021

“It will be a sort of Almanac of the day. In the sense that we will talk about what happened in other years on the day we air. I proposed the idea: it will be that I remember very well the Almanac of the day after but having available three days a week until February we thought it was a way to have many and different ideas to talk about it with guests “. From Monday 25 October, in the late evening on Rai3, Fiorella Mannoia will be the protagonist – every Monday, Thursday and Friday – of the new program “La version of Fiorella”. The program takes its cue from the Almanac of the Day After (the historic Rai1 program aired between the mid-70s and the mid-90s) to give it a new version: events that occurred on the same day in other years and in any part will be told around the world, birthdays, events and anniversaries will be celebrated. “It will be a different program each time, marked by the presence of guests who will intervene in the story bringing their direct or indirect testimony of the events of the day”, explains Fiorella. Who admits to having a problem with anniversaries: “I have a serious problem with dates. Maybe that’s why I chose it. I don’t even remember the birthdays of the people closest to me”, he says in connection with Sanremo, where tonight he will receive his “seventh Tenco plate” (“I remember this”, he smiles), in an Ariston Theater “finally with the audience open”. “I hope with all my heart that 2022 will be the year of the great reopening. And I want to be optimistic, I think it will be,” she adds. There will be a mix of lighter topics and more challenging themes in the program. As is natural for Fiorella, who has always been personally committed and active on socio-political issues and rights. And who in fact does not hold back when asked for a comment on the words of the historian Alessandro Barbero on women: “Before women or men we are human beings. I have also known many men who are not bold and insecure. I categorically reject this categorization of women. . Maybe we are a little less attracted to power. But even this does not concern all women “, underlines the singer and presenter who in any case assures:” In the program I will not make pink quotas, there will be many women and many men. And maybe in one episode it will happen that I will have all men and in another all women. Maybe simply because the commitments of those I invite will fit together like this. : “Today as today I do not exclude anything. I did not think about being a TV presenter, yet here I am. I did not think about being an actress and yet Michele Placido called me and I did. So: why not? If they were to propose it to me, I would think about it “, he says, before giving his opinion on the age limit (30 years) for participation in Sanremo Giovani:” When one has something to say, there is no right age. When I proposed ‘Hot black coffee’ in 1981 I was 29 years old. Perhaps Giovani is the wrong word, we should say New Proposals “, he underlines. The music will, of course, together with the archive footage, one of the elements of the story. In ‘La version of Fiorella’ things will sometimes overturn and so will the guests. they will find themselves having unusual roles: we will find actors who will have fun singing and playing and singers who will become interpreters of stories. Guests of the first episode, Monday 25 October, will be Sigfrido Ranucci, Caparezza, and Gennaro Esposito. “With the latter I will talk about the Pasta Day which falls on October 25 “, explains Fiorella Mannoia.” Another anniversary to be discussed is that of the death of Ethiopian marathon runner Abebe Bikila “(who died on October 25, 1973), two-time Olympic champion at the 1960 Rome Games and Tokyo 1964, which in Rome in 1960 won the marathon by running the entire distance without shoes and became the symbol of Africa that freed itself from European colonialism, winning the first medal ia Olympic gold medal of the African continent. In the second episode, broadcast on Thursday 28 October, Willie Peyote will also be among the guests, while Fulminacci and Claudio Santamaria will close the week on Friday 29 October. In addition to her band (with whom she will resume the concerts of the “Padroni di Niente” theater tour from March 2022), accompanying Fiorella in this adventure will be the author and television comedian Stefano Rapone and the philosopher and writer Ilaria Gaspari. “With Stefano we met and we liked each other. He is different from all the others, he seems a bit modest then he says some very sharp things. I found him very funny. You will see. And with Ilaria we met on the radio program of Barbarossa where presented a book. I was intrigued by the idea of ​​reflecting on some events with a young philosopher, who brings her point of view and her feminine sensitivity “. The direction of the program is entrusted to Flavia Unfer while the authoring team is made up of Fiorella Mannoia, Giovanna Salvatori, Massimo Martelli, Pietro Galeotti, Antonio Pascale, Simone Di Rosa, and Carlo Di Francesco who also takes care of the musical direction. “La version di Fiorella” is a Rai3 and Friends & Partners production.

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