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Antonio de Curtis, Totò international competition: the award ceremony of the XXIV edition on Monday 25 at Montecitorio in Rome


Oct 22, 2021

To pay homage to the great Totò – not only a leading artist, but also a man of profound humanity – the Amici di Totò Association… regardless! – Onlus organized the award ceremony of the XXIV edition of the “Antonio de Curtis International Literary Competition, Totò”, in Rome next Monday, October 25 (from 15 to 19), in the New Hall of the Parliamentary Groups of the Chamber (in via di Campo Marzio 74). The event takes place with the support of the Presidency of the Republic and with the patronage of the Presidency of the Council, the Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Activities, the Ministry of Education, the Presidencies of the Senate and the Chamber, the Lazio Region, the Province of Rome and the Municipality of Salerno. Rai Senior and Vatican Radio also participate. The award ceremony for the winners of the competition will be preceded by the first screening of the documentary film “Umanamente Totò then il Comico”. The film, which received the authorization for theatrical distribution, is enriched with interventions by Massimo Ranieri, Albano, Renzo Arbore, the actors Antonio Angrisano and Yari Gugliucci; by the journalist Giancarlo Governi and presents some unpublished works by Lello Bersani, the historical signature of Rai, who died in 2002. To remember the great Neapolitan actor and his art there will be artists, singers, actors, entertainers and personalities from the world of culture. In addition there will be the maestro Paolo Pezzella, former tenor of the Accademia Santa Cecilia; the director of the State Archives of Salerno, Renato Dentoni Litta; Totò’s friends: the actor Arnaldo Ninchi; Carlo Riccardi, futurist painter and paparazzo of the “dolce vita”; the commander of Totò’s yacht, Captain Frank. Presenting the event was Aldo Bianchini, director of the online newspaper ilquotidianodisalerno.it and of the magazine “Città Vallo”, and the actor Angelo Blasetti. “This XXIV edition of the Competition – explains to Adnkronos Alberto De Marco, president of the” Amici di Totò “Association … regardless! Onlus “and founder of the Competition in 1998 – also intends to draw attention to the Rainbow social project, Therapy of Love and Smiles in the City of Peace and Joy”. “The initiative – De Marco recalls – proposes social and cultural interventions in Italy and abroad (for example in favor of the victims of Afghanistan) dedicated to the poorest, women victims of violence and the disabled, in memory of Duilio Paoluzzi “.

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