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The ‘aristoregista’ Marescotti Ruspoli makes his debut with ‘Amusia’ and Fanny Ardant


Oct 22, 2021

New clapperboard for the young Roman director Marescotti Ruspoli who also signs the film ‘Amusia’ as a screenwriter. Illustrious Natali, a family that has traveled and worked in cinema, cultured, enterprising, in love with art and culture. Costantino, the father, Bartolomeo, Baldassarre and Ferrante the brothers, photographers, painters, sculptors, the mother Reema Medaware, top model of the 70s of Palestinian origin. He does not hide the fact that he was born into a “very, very creative family – he says in an interview with Adnkronos – with a certain sense of aesthetics to which I have combined my nature as a curious boy always discovering the world, people , of diversity “. An important legacy that Marescotti Ruspoli, belonging to the last generation of one of the oldest families in the capital, has carried within him since childhood, a climate that he breathed from a very young age, as it was for another great aristocrat. director Luchino Visconti. He confesses to love Federico Fellini (“always on the border between dream and reality but with a fairy tale aftertaste”), Michelangelo Antonioni (“aesthetics, a fundamental aspect of his cinema”) but to have investigated for his’ Amusia ‘, which will also see Fanny Ardant among the protagonists, on a mysterious’ certified’ disease only in 2005. She did research, read international publications, spoke to some witnesses. ‘Fanny Ardant an icon of cinema, from whom I still have a lot to learn’ “Those who suffer from this disease cannot perceive the music, the sounds – explains Marescotti Ruspoli – An escape from unconscious, involuntary reality. In the film, my protagonist instead she falls in love with a boy who lives on music. I wondered what happens when two people who are opposite each other fall in love. Do you choose art, life, love? of emotions and feelings my film – he adds – unlike recent films of pure entertainment that have as if degraded and weakened the artistic charge of a lot of cinema “. The film will also be accompanied by the notes and songs of Lou Reed, Keith Jarret, Dalla, De Gregori, Rino Gaetano, a mosaic of musical and highly personal quotes. And on the participation of Fanny Ardant, Marescotti Ruspoli has no doubts: “a surreal encounter -confess- The great French actress loved the screenplay from the very beginning. I offered her the opportunity for a role, she accepted, I didn’t leave it. escape. An icon of cinema from which I still have a lot to learn “.

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