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Gerardo Sacco’s awards for the Red Cross and Rome Festival Charity event


Oct 21, 2021

The Charity Event was held last night at Villa Miani in Rome, promoted by the Italian Red Cross in collaboration with the Rome Film Fest. During the event, which was promoted by the Barletta Group and with the organization of Agnus Dei di Tiziana Rocca, the contributions of the Italian Red Cross were presented and space was given to the testimonies of the associations and those who were involved in the fight against Covid-19. For the occasion, Gerardo Sacco, present at the evening, made some very special prizes: a work with a great visual impact and full of meaning, with the Phoenix at the center, also the protagonist of his latest book, as a symbol of rebirth. “It is an award I was particularly fond of, I lived this experience firsthand – Sacco comments – and I know how hard it can be to face it. But from here they are, we are reborn. We did not stop, continuing to work thinking about the best days. That today, finally, we are living in the awareness that we still need to be extremely responsible “. The goldsmith also made available a particular jewel from the collection dedicated to Dante, customized for the occasion, which was auctioned for a charity auction, again in favor of the Red Cross, which saw in the actor Paolo Conticini the highest bidder. President of the honor committee that promoted the initiative is the Duchess of York Sarah Ferguson, godmother Fanny Ardant. During the evening, presented by Eleonora Daniele, the singer Tosca was awarded for her commitment to the music school that supports emerging artists and the president of the Italian Red Cross and the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (Ifrc ) Francesco Rocca, representing the more than 150 thousand volunteers in Italy and 14 million in the world still engaged in the fight against Covid. In addition, some symbolic prizes were awarded to those who personally committed themselves during the pandemic such as: Il Volo , guest group of the evening, Raoul Bova, Alberto Matano, Gina Lollobrigida, Remo Girone, Lillo, Maria Grazia Cucinotta, the undersecretary for Sport Valentina Vezzali, Flora Canto and Enrico Brignano. An award, as a tribute for the day of all the entertainment workers who have suffered so much in the last two years, was dedicated to the Docufilm “Cry for a New Renaissance”, created by Elena Sofia Ricci and Stefano Mainetti. And again among the winners Sarah Ferguson, Darko Perić, Annabel Scholey and Carole Bouquet and the “Memorial Prize” in honor of Jean-Paul Belmondo, awarded to her niece Annabelle Belmondo. Finally, Lapo Elkann was awarded for “Never Give Up”, a charity campaign conceived and promoted by the Laps Foundation, created with the aim, through the Red Cross, of giving support to the most vulnerable families.

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