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Ambra, Striscia and the Tapiro: lawyers on the field


Oct 16, 2021

The Golden Tapir to Ambra Angiolini, ‘awarded’ by Striscia la Notizia after the end of the relationship with Massimiliano Allegri, risks becoming a legal issue. The lawyers Valeria De Vellis and Daniela Missaglia, in the name and in the interest of the actress, reserve the right to evaluate every best initiative to protect their client “in consideration of the illegitimate interference and consequent spectacularization of a private and painful affair by the Mr. Valerio Staffelli, correspondent of Striscia la Notizia “. The lawyers also contest the release of the Golden Tapir in response to Minister Elena Bonetti, especially where it is stated that “Mrs. Ambra Angiolini was in agreement”. Striscia la Notizia, with a statement signed directly by the Tapiro d’oro, yesterday criticized the words of Minister Bonetti. Like many people, famous and not, the minister also expressed herself negatively on the report: “They went to the woman and not the man.” I am limited to telling what is visible to all in the video published on our site, proof of any denial. The desire to transform the episode into a soap opera is evident “. Allegri was also marginally involved in the affair today: “I never talked about my private life and I don’t intend to: these are two things that I have always shared, that’s okay and it’s much more important to talk about tomorrow’s match”, he said. Juventus coach during the press conference on the eve of the match against Roma.

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