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Festa Roma, ‘Women in Cinema Award’ to Crescentini, Vukotic, Calvelli, Santella and Turc


Oct 16, 2021

During the Venice ’78 Women in Cinema Award, born from an idea of ​​Angela Prudenzi, Claudia Conte and Cristina Scognamillo, she wanted to give voice to Afghan women by rewarding the director Shahrbanoo Sadat and the activist Zahara Ahamadi. Also on the occasion of the awarding of the awards during the Rome Film Fest, WiCA wants to continue to emphasize how freedom of expression and gender equality are fundamental elements of every society and also of the audiovisual world. This year the Academy has decided to award the awards to actress Carolina Crescentini, editor Francesca Calvelli and screenwriter Valia Santella. The Lifetime Achievement Award will be awarded to Milena Vukotic, a lady of cinema, theater and television who, by virtue of her grace, kindness and humanity that distinguish her, has always been an illuminating example of woman and artist. ‘social commitment instead goes to Paola Turci, an artist who has always been attentive to female issues with particular regard to gender equality and the idea of ​​inclusive beauty, and to Barbara De Angelis, Major Doctor of the Italian Army several times involved in operational missions in Afghanistan , Libya and Iraq. Exceptional figures, each in their own professional career, who have strongly marked with intelligence and mastery every occasion that has seen them protagonists. The awards for the social will be Zahara Ahamadi. The awards ceremony, presented by Claudia Conte, will be held at the Maxxi – National Museum of 21st Century Arts, on 18 October at 6.00 pm. The prizes are awarded by an all-female Academy composed of cinema journalists Fulvia Caprara, Alessandra De Luca, Titta Fiore, Alessandra Magliaro, Antonella Nesi, Chiara Nicoletti, Cristiana Paternò, Angela Prudenzi, Barbara Righini, Marina Sanna, Stefania Ulivi. Women in Cinema Award in its three editions in Venice and Rome, has been assigned to Shahrbanoo Sadat, Zahara Ahamadi, Alberta Ferretti, Marta Donzelli, Virginie Efira, Nadia Terranova, Jasmila Zbanic, Silvio Danese, Francesca Comencini, Claudio Giovannesi, Christian Petzold; Ludivine Sagnier, Chiara Tagliaferri, Piera Detassis, Antonella Nesi, Paola Cortellesi, Riccardo Milani, Daniela Ciancio, Donatella Palermo and Claudio Masenza. In 2020 the Lifetime Achievement Award was awarded to Liliana Cavani. Women in Cinema Award enjoys the patronage of the Ministry of Culture.

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