• Wed. Oct 27th, 2021

Chef Colonna: “On the Terrace of Palazzo Duomo Regus for the most glamorous events”


Oct 14, 2021

“I decided to measure myself with events, taking with me the world of music, design and art, whose common thread can and must be food”. Antonello Colonna says this to Adnkronos, speaking of his new initiative, on the Terrace of Palazzo Duomo Regus, linked to the most exclusive Milanese events. From the fashion week to the Salone del Mobile, to the special weeks, the histrionic chef will use one of the most beautiful views in the world for the ‘Fuori Salone’ linked to these events. “As already happened with the Colonna di Labico Resort – he underlines – where I gave space to the relationship between food and health, now my new idea is to link starred haute cuisine to the most glamorous events in Milan, on one of the most panoramas that exist and with a unique view, right under the eyes of the Madonnina “. Antonello Colonna thus changes his clothes once again and, after the successes of the furniture and fashion show, he focuses everything on the most beautiful terrace in Milan that houses the marvelous Regus Signature offices. “Now food belongs to me as music does to a musician – says the chef, who has always been passionate about art – Now my challenge enters an artistic field. I will be an art director and a director of food”. In short, everything will once again revolve around food, but this time the surprise will be the scenographies and set-ups for events, such as concerts, fashion shows, performances, cultural salons, photo shoots, advertising and publishing, expertly accompanied by the ‘Column’ sound of the Roman chef and his culinary art.