• Sat. Oct 16th, 2021

Tapir to Ambra, Lucarelli against Striscia


Oct 14, 2021

Ambra ‘wins’ the Golden Tapir for the alleged end of the relationship with Massimiliano Allegri. And Selvaggia Lucarelli attacks Striscia la Notizia. “Dear Valerio Staffelli, the tapir has always been a kind of Oscar for gaffes, television scuffles, news stories and costumes to smile about”, but “I didn’t like what I saw yesterday”, writes the journalist in the long run post intended for the correspondent of the satirical news of Canale 5. “Yesterday the tapir delivered face to face was not a surprise, it tasted more like an ambush – writes Lucarelli – There was a woman who was not only experiencing the end of a story, but he was living it as a public figure, with his intimacy slammed in the newspapers and mortifying details “. “A betrayal, the end of a love are already pains faced within the walls of the house, let alone if they even talk about it at traffic lights -the journalist sinks- It doesn’t hurt if you are famous since you were 14, no. under the workplace of this woman with a microphone and raging with bar jokes (‘isn’t he cheating on her with Dybala?’), giggling, treating it like a brawl between showgirls, remember that he – the alpha male – women betrays them with virile seriality, it seemed to me really cruel. Moreover, with the dead still hot “. Lucarelli is also angry with the host of the program Vanessa Incontrada: “How many times have we heard you complain about the cruelty of the media, dear Vanessa. About the media that exploit your private life, that judge your body. Yesterday you could get yourself out of this. so ruthless treatment of the story. Extend a hand to Amber. And instead not only laughter, but while you were there you also sent a greeting to the coach, as if you had just come out of a gag, instead of turning the knife in an open wound. Think about it the next time you complain about the cruelty of the system to women, because yesterday you were part of it too. ” Finally, Lucarelli urges Staffelli to the next move: “And now, dear Valerio, let’s wait for the tapir to the alpha male, please. (And a bunch of roses for Ambra, maybe)”.