• Fri. Oct 22nd, 2021

Vasco Rossi: “Toni Salvini and Meloni divisive, create hatred for getting consensus”


Oct 13, 2021

In Italy “there is a very extremist right. For me it is right that there is the right but it must not be as dangerous as what seems to be on the horizon. There is a continuous sowing of hatred and division”. Vasco Rossi said this during a press conference in Milan to present the new album ‘We are here’, out on November 12th. To those who asked him if he was referring to the extra-parliamentary right or to the parliamentary right, such as Brothers of Italy, the rocker replied: “Even the tones of Meloni and Salvini are divisive tones, they only create hatred for gaining approval. I make music, I bring joy, I do this in life. There are people who blow the fire, you know who they are “. Then, urged on the fact that someone can tell him to ‘think about singing’, instead of talking about politics, Vasco Rossi observed: “That’s what they always say, they tell me ‘think about singing’ but when I express an opinion I do it as a citizen. I pay my taxes, I pay them all. ” “From the new rulers who are on the horizon in the wake of extremism, populism and fake news, we do not expect only new special laws but a real Eleventh Commandment” said Vasco Rossi. Eleventh Commandment is also the name of a song by Zocca’s rocker. To those who asked him what he meant by ‘Eleventh Commandment’ Vasco explained: this is what “I expect from these populist phenomena that are coming, which will perhaps be to love them more than anything else, for example ‘Love Trump'”. These phenomena, he added, “exist in the United States but also in Europe and above all in Italy, where there is a campaign of sowing hatred. Hate has been sown by these irresponsible politicians, who only to have some more consensus they are ready to ride people’s fears, to stir them up and make everyone worse off. They shouldn’t exist. ” Then i no vax. “The no vax thinks that there is a conspiracy because everything must have a reason, he cannot accept that it is a coincidence but he thinks there is something behind – said Vasco Rossi – You try to talk to him but you cannot convince him, he is convinced of that and he needs to believe it because his head is like that. ” “This is why I dissociate myself from what Red Ronnie has been saying lately – continued the rocker – when he goes to speak as a commentator he deals with topics he does not know. He once said that rappers’ lyrics are violent and instigate children to violence. he remembers when Salvalaggio said that I was responsible for the young people who took drugs because I sang ‘Coca Cola’ but I told the young people of that time “.” I – underlined Vasco Rossi – believe in science, if I have a toothache I take a painkiller. I’m not going to talk to a guru. You know my position, I forced anyone who came in front of my house to get an autograph to wear a mask, that’s all but I don’t recommend anything “. More generally, he explained, “the words are used shamefully today. When I hear the scream ‘freedom, freedom’ I think that freedom is not that. Freedom makes sense when it is within a limit, otherwise it is not freedom. but chaos. We had already understood this in the ’70s, I did not expect to go back as we are doing now “. And he concluded: “I did not expect it to go back. It goes back to questioning things that were clear to me. It is a very complex world, there are positive but also negative things. I am disappointed because it had to go in another way. in my opinion. This is not the best of all possible worlds but it is the world that exists and we must fight, live, face and learn from mistakes. It is fundamental and we must not be afraid of making mistakes “.