• Tue. Oct 26th, 2021

Here comes the Escape room inspired by Rodari’s ‘There was twice the Baron Lamberto’


Oct 13, 2021

Among the pages of ‘There was twice the Baron Lamberto’, Gianni Rodari wrote: “Not everyone will be satisfied with the conclusion of the story. Among other things, it is not clear what will happen to Lamberto and what he will become when he grows up. However, there is a remedy. Any reader unhappy with the ending can change it at will, adding a chapter or two to the book. Or even thirteen. Never be frightened by the word End. ” It is from here, from the curiosity to find out what could have happened after the finale that we have always known, that the idea of ​​Ventiquattro Elle was born, the first Escape room (a game in which the participants, inside a room set up in theme, they have a limited time to complete a mission together, solving codes, puzzles, puzzles and riddles) inspired by ‘There was twice the baron Lamberto by Gianni Rodari’. Ventiquattro Elle, designed and built by the We Are Müesli studio in Milan, specialized in cultural-themed games, will officially open its doors on Saturday 23 October, 100 + 1 years after the birth of the Omegnese writer. A game experience suitable for everyone, to discover and rediscover one of Rodari’s greatest works, which has contributed most to renewing children’s literature: from the youngest, who can participate together with families, children and adults, in research of a fun moment of amarcord. House of the Escape room is the Pietro Ceretti Civic Library in Verbania, a garden city overlooking Lake Maggiore a few kilometers from Omegna, the birthplace of Gianni Rodari, and the Island of San Giulio, in the heart of Lake Orta, the setting of the novel. Several years have passed since the facts narrated in the novel. Baron Lamberto, “reborn” at the age of 13 at the end of the original story, is on his way to his well-deserved retirement after a career as a circus performer around the world. A band of thieves, the Twenty-four Elles, has devised a plan to find and break into the chests where the baron keeps his treasures. Everything is ready for the big blow: it’s a pity that the gang’s “hacker” – the only one who knows the codes to overcome the baron’s security systems – took his vacation on the very day of the theft … And that’s where they come in. participants in the escape room: in direct connection with the other Twenty-three Elles, already on the island of San Giulio, they will have 90 minutes to guide the group of thieves through a computer, including clues, riddles, riddles, use of objects and other surprises to discover. “A fundamental point of the creative design of our games is the respect of the theme with which we are confronted – commented Claudia Molinari and Matteo Pozzi of We Are Müesli – For this reason, among the many books by Rodari, precisely ‘There was two times. .. ‘: to grasp what seemed to us a real invitation from the author (and almost a “summa” of all his work) to continue to imagine, tell, discover – in a word,’ play ” . “We are really proud of this project, born from the passion and competence of many professionals in the cultural and entertainment sector – declared the Councilor for Culture Riccardo Brezza – As Municipal Administration we wanted to celebrate such a central figure in the Italian literary panorama. as Gianni Rodari was in an innovative and attractive way for the youngest. The partners involved demonstrate the will to unite the territory in this initiative with particular reference to the Cusio area, area of ​​origin of the famous writer and intellectual. We believe it will be a pleasant novelty in the provincial and national panorama since it is the first Rodarian Escape room created in Italy “.” Libraries in recent years are undergoing a profound transformation: cultural habits, the use of free time, the digital transition are all factors that ask libraries to work to keep up with the times and to propose cultural opportunities that increasingly meet the interest of citizens – concluded Andrea Cassina, coordinator of the Verbano Cusio Ossola Library System – The Escape Room dedicated to Gianni Rodari is one of the most significant interventions implemented in recent years, to bring people closer to such an important figure as that of the great Omegnese writer in a new, fun and stimulating way “.