• Fri. Oct 22nd, 2021

Bisex Superman, ironic Guerri: “Why not, I hope you become trans with kryptonite”


Oct 13, 2021

“Superman goes bisexual? It’s a nice provocation, but I don’t mind at all, why not. In fact, I hope that with the green kryptonite he becomes trans”. He replies with irony to AdnKronos Giordano Bruno Guerri, commenting on the news of the new DC Comics series of Superman, in which the superhero discovers himself bisexual and embarks on a relationship with his friend and colleague Nakamura. “Certainly it is news that struck me a lot – says the historian – because I grew up with Nembo Kid and he was the symbol of virility par excellence: tall, muscular, one even imagined him to be super-gifted. And now it is certainly surprising to see Superman homosexual . But I would say that it is an absolutely normal phenomenon, it is part of this opening up of the world to homosexuals, which now includes Superman “. For the essayist” it is certainly an excess, as is always the politically correct, but it is a witty excess. -add Guerri- I find it much worse and risky to use asterisks instead of vowels that indicate masculine and feminine. After all, whoever likes Superman is his business “, he concludes.