• Mon. Nov 29th, 2021

Simona Marchini new president of the Council of Culture of Grottaferrata


Oct 12, 2021

The Council of Culture of Grottaferrata unanimously elected Simona Marchini as the new president of the municipal body. The representatives of the associations that make up the Council, in agreement with the municipal administration, believed that the figure of the great Roman actress, a resident and participant in the fate of the City of Grottaferrata for many years, could be the best possible heir of Carlo Mongardini , who passed away a few months ago. The mayor of Grottaferrata, Luciano Andreotti, who spoke to the assembly together with the councilor for Culture, Marco Bosso expressed on behalf of the Administration all his gratitude and esteem towards Mrs. Marchini, convinced that the profound knowledge and love already amply demonstrated for Grottaferrata by the artist, it will only be able to benefit from the renewed enthusiasm of the Consulta that during the summer just ended had already produced quality and good level initiatives.The new president Simona Marchini, thanking the members of the Consulta and the Administration municipal for the honor and consideration reserved for it, has guaranteed its decisive commitment in the direction of a renewed impetus of high-level culture in a city that deserves quality, professionalism and support to a vital sector of the community which is the world of culture. Particular attention on the part of the president of the Council, Marchini was directed in this sense to the at attention of the youngest who, by staying in their and our city, must be able to have access to courses and training offers of value even in the hours of free time. Satisfaction and gratitude to the address of the new president was also expressed by the vice-president Mirko Buttaglieri and by all the associations and representatives of the schools part of the assembly of the Council.