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Cecchetto: “35% discos? If it’s the first step, take the second one immediately ‘


“I was upset, I don’t understand why the 35% capacity, a really uneconomic measure and I don’t know if entrepreneurs should raise their prices at this point.” Claudio Cecchetto told Adnkronos, commenting on the CTS indication for the reopening of discos with a capacity of 35% and adding that he went, “last week in England and there are no restrictions there, they are back to normal.” According to the DJ and music producer, “it is possible that here think that entrepreneurs can earn enough with 35% of the capacity in ballrooms, while if you bring it to 100% then they become millionaires. But if the decision is a first step towards returning to normalcy – Cecchetto hopes – let’s hurry up too to do the second. The world of work with 35% of its potential – he explains – cannot survive because many items of expenditure remain the same and it would not be right to raise prices. If it is a first step – he insisted and – thank goodness, rather than wash your conscience by keeping it closed, but let’s hurry up to do the second one too, not tomorrow, but in a few minutes ”.


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