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Vittorio Brumotti attacked in Foggia


Thirty days of prognosis for facial trauma due to yet another aggression. Vittorio Brumotti in the early afternoon of today, Tuesday 5 October, was surrounded and punched in San Bernardino di San Severo in the Foggia area. The correspondent of the satirical news was there with his crew for a few days to document the drug dealing that takes place in the light of the sun in a neighborhood with a high criminal density, when he was threatened, chased and attacked. Brumotti was hit with a punch in the face. The police intervened on the spot to quell the attack. Some of the biker’s collaborators and at least two of the agents who intervened were also bruised. “The ferocity of these people who think they dominate the territory will not stop us. We will continue to tour Italy – assures Brumotti – and to denounce all these situations of degradation. children, you can not pretend nothing has happened “. The full service will be broadcast in the next few days in Striscia la Notizia (Channel 5, 8.35 pm).

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