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Lucarelli vs Facci: “Lawsuit filed”


New chapter in the controversy with complaints between Filippo Facci and Selvaggia Lucarelli. Today in ‘Libero’ the journalist writes that a few days ago the judge confirmed the dismissal of the lawsuit made against him by Lucarelli, who in turn countered with a letter sent to the editorial staff of Dagospia in which he bitterly notes that we must react to insults laughing about it. “In April 2020 I wrote that the non-professional journalist Selvaggia Lucarelli is incompetent – writes Facci on ‘Libero’ – and that having her write about Covid – albeit in the Fatto Quotidiano – was madness. I wrote that she had published some spectacular nonsense about the Lombardy Region, and that his newspaper had slipped on the greasy swipe of language he devoted to the government every day. Then, in a tweet on the internet, I invoked early retirement rather than any insane person who could think that this gossipy spargizizzania which brings harm to everything she touches and has become known mostly for her old matron boobs, can be associated with the same job that I do ‘. So she sued me, “says Facci. “On October 20, 2020 – continues Facci – the prosecutor asked for the complaint to be archived. She did not think so, and immediately opposed the request for archiving. But the judge, on May 18, 2021, in short ‘another day, confirmed the filing. End. Oh my God, the lady could appeal to the Supreme Court: but will she know what it is? “. archiving following my complaint – replies Lucarelli in the letter – because this archiving tells two things very well: the level of the journalist (now in truth known to all) and that of judge Livio A. Cristofano, who believes that an article (mine) on healthcare in Lombardy you can answer ‘old matron boobs’ and ‘portas figa’. Indeed, she also specifies that the journalist’s comment is ‘harsh and ironic.’ In summary: do you understand my colleagues friends? Do you love health care, books, TV or politics and a colleague insults you by commenting on your boobs or talking about bad luck you would bring? It is irony. The law says so. In the end, Pio and Amedeo are right: if they say ‘negro’ it’s you who have to laugh about it. Olè “.



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