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Match of the heart, Pecchini: “The Jackal tell the truth”


“What I ask of The Jackal is to be honest and to tell the truth about what happened.” The ‘Aurora Leone case’ on the eve of the Match of the heart led to the resignation of Gianluca Pecchini, general manager of the National Singers, who with Adnkronos breaks the silence after the social report. “Yesterday was the Match of the Heart and this is what really matters but today is the day after. I resigned for the sake of the network and fundraising, what I ask The Jackal is to be honest and to say the truth about what happened – says Pecchini – If they don’t, I will have to protect my image from this muddy media machine that unleashed me, both personally and from the Association to which I have dedicated 40 years of life and which has collected 100 million euros including the 300 thousand euros last night. ” Read also ” The Jackal and I don’t play on equal terms – he underlines – I don’t even have Facebook. They use a media machine against which I cannot compete. that they were sincere and that they said how things really went, this media chaos risks ruining my image, my reputation and my family since I also have three daughters. the insults and I resigned because otherwise I risked skipping the demonstration. But now it’s time to clarify. ” Pecchini at the Adnkronos tells his version of the facts about what happened at the J Hotel as follows: “We were all in the dining room of the J Hotel and I was going to check where Mogol would sit. , who is our founder, Donna Allegra Agnelli and all the other guests. Traditionally – he explains – at the table of the National Singers only football players and singers sit. At that moment the singers stop being artists and become a football team that the next day he has to take the field to raise funds ”. “The Jackal came from Naples and explained to me that they had asked, given the distance they had to travel by train, to be able to anticipate their arrival which was scheduled for the following day and therefore a facility had been made towards them – Pecchini continues – I went there and I simply said to them: ‘Guys, this is the table of the National Singers’ and I asked him if gentle nte they could sit at other tables and so they did since they ate at the next table. ” ” I don’t know why Aurora told this story – he adds – I saw her a bit angry when I told her that the table of the National Singers but I would never have imagined such chaos. They (The Jackal) keep saying that I said sexist phrases and tarnish my name even though I saw them for maybe 46 seconds. ” towards anyone, if for Aurora the discrimination is that our team must sit at the table together to be able to talk about their own things then yes, I’m sexist ”, concludes ironically. (by Alisa Toaff)



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