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Hard Rock, WhyHunger and Yoko Ono Lennon together against world hunger


Hard Rock International announces the collaboration with the WhyHunger association and with the artist and activist Yoko Ono Lennon to launch the ‘Imagine There No Hunger’ campaign: a joint effort to raise awareness and raise funds to fight hunger and poverty in the world. The campaign is naturally inspired by John Lennon’s iconic song ‘Imagine’ and for its 50th anniversary, Hard Rock presents its 37th signed collection – the ‘John Lennon collection Imagine There’s No Hunger’ – available for purchase online and in Hard Rock hotels, cafes and casinos from around the world. The collection will feature a variety of products, including two T-shirt designs, a hat, a mini guitar with shoulder strap and a commemorative pin: items ranging from a minimum of Euro 15.95 to Euro 29.95. “We are happy and honored to continue working alongside WhyHunger and to further consolidate the partnership: ours is a partnership that has led to the raising of over $ 6.8 million to fight hunger and poverty in the world “, said Jon Lucas, Chief Operating Officer by Hard Rock International. “The heart of Hard Rock is music, so this year’s campaign is particularly significant as we seek to celebrate John Lennon’s legacy and ‘Imagine’ 50th anniversary by making important steps forward to increase common awareness and contribution to WhyHunger. “To make this collection even more special, Hard Rock in addition to forging a partnership with WhyHunger has committed 30% of the proceeds of its new sales, with a minimum amount of $ 450,000, to support the initiative. Hard Rock and WhyHunger together have helped communities in 31 countries for new crops to provide 9.8 million meals to 120,600 children and their families. “We know that hunger is a solvable problem and that food is a fundamental right of each person. Exacerbated by the pandemic, food insecurity rates have increased around the world, making it even more important than ever to work together on commendable initiatives like this one. Our partnership with Yoko Ono Lennon and Hard Rock International allows us to promote this initiative and raise awareness of the root causes of world hunger, thereby also paying homage to the vision that John Lennon and Yoko Ono Lennon sang to the world with the iconic Imagine, “said Noreen Springstead, executive director of WhyHunger.” Fifty years ago, my late husband John Lennon wrote ‘Imagine’ with the hope of inspiring a world at peace and free from hunger problems. that modern society faces, its impact and vision shine today more than ever as we are all engaged with WhyHunger and Hard Rock International to raise awareness of society for building a better, hunger-free world for families around the world, “said Yoko Ono Lennon. In addition to the first collection to be launched in April, more merchandise will be available in September to commemorate the September 1971 release of “Imagine.” The new merchandise line is inspired by the iconic images and photographs on the cover of Imagine, in which John Lennon wants to arouse a feeling of hope and optimism and raise awareness in the community for an end to hunger and poverty. Those wishing to purchase items from Hard Rock’s John Lennon “Imagine There No Hunger” collection can visit Over 25 years ago, Hard Rock developed the partnership concept with world-renowned musicians and bands to create imaginative designs that are converted into limited edition products and sold in Hard Rocks around the world. A part of the proceeds goes to the benefit of the institution chosen by the artist. Music icons including Bruce Springsteen, Pitbull, Rihanna, Imagine Dragons, U2, KISS, Eric Clapton, The Who, Jon Bon Jovi, Linkin Park, Shakira and Ringo Starr have been part of Hard Rock’s Signature Series and Artist Spotlight programs, who have raised millions of dollars for charitable causes around the world.



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