• Sun. Oct 24th, 2021

Cecilia Rodriguez on Ignazio Moser: “I’m very ready to start a family with him”


May 6, 2021

Cecilia Rodriguez was a guest of Il Punto Z on Wednesday 5 May and spoke freely about the experience of her partner, Ignazio Moser, on the Island of the Famous, but also about their relationship. “The first thing I said to him: don’t let me make a fool of myself” began the model talking to Tommaso Zorzi, then underlining: “Everyone says that Big Brother Vip came out as the playboy, on the island he can go out for that. which is”. Later, Rodriguez explained that she found that some castaways are interested in her boyfriend and was the protagonist of a gaffe that is already making the rounds of the Web. When Zorzi asked her which castaway Moser might be interested in, she replied. : “Vera Gemma? Well, he’s done so many bad ones… No, I didn’t mean bad! I meant that he was with girls more mature than him. Surely with Francesca Lodo he would try if he weren’t engaged to me. Iva Zanicchi? Lifetime. Elettra Lamborghini? She is a bit like us, a truck driver. Beatrice Marchetti, on the other hand, is a beautiful girl, when I saw her I said: Oh my God… “Later, Belen’s sister focused on the love story she carries on with Moser and told about her important projects for the future : “I’m very ready to start a family with him. As soon as it arrives from the Island, it will be loaded! I waited a little for Ignazio, I would have done a child with him immediately. Now he is 29 years old, I am 31, it is time “. In front of this intimate and personal confession, Tommaso Zorzi was moved and confided to Rodriguez:” The way I was able to live there you would be two very good parents. He has a sense of protection for all the people around him and for you in the first place, and I think he would make a great father. I’m moving ”. (in collaboration with ultimora.news)