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Match of the heart, from Gomorrah to Facchinetti: all with Aurora Leone


The story of Aurora Leone, summoned to take part in the Match of the Heart of the National Singers, but expelled from the dinner that preceded the match “because she was a woman”, outrages public opinion and the world of entertainment. Many colleagues and artists who immediately after the incident took the defense of the young actress of The Jackal and showed her solidarity. Read also Negramaro – He says he is ready to boycott his presence at the meeting if those who “committed this serious mistake” do not make “the right apologies”, Andrea Marino, Andro dei Negramaro. “It is the first time that I have been called up to a match of the national singers team – writes Andro – and, alas, I found myself in a rather embarrassing situation regarding the events that happened to Aurora Leone and Ciro Priello”. The musician did not “witness the events that occurred in order to be able to give an unambiguous judgment, but I witnessed Ciro’s anger and Aurora’s tears, which still do not allow me to sleep. I am still upset and agitated and would like to express my solidarity towards Aurora for a wrong that should not be suffered by anyone, in no case similar and on no other occasion “. Then the message to the organizers: “I sincerely hope that those who have made this serious mistake are ready to take responsibility for it and make a proper apology. If this does not happen – he underlines – I do not feel in a position to participate in the meeting tomorrow evening ( tonight, ed.) … “. After inviting followers to donate in any case, Andro hopes that “there is not a double defeat for human dignity and the protection of everyone’s health”. Aurora Ramazzotti – Aurora Ramazzotti also manifests her solidarity with Aurora Leone: “It is incredible how the irrepressible need to bully is necessary even when one is doing charity”, writes the daughter of Eros, for years a member of the Italian National Singers. “Even where imposing one’s ‘superiority’ would seem superfluous in the eyes of a newborn, it continues to be a necessity … thus obscuring the important purpose and taking the people who participate unfairly down with it.” “There is a need to dissociate out loud and no longer say that ours is an inclusive country; things like this ALWAYS happen. There is a long way to go. Male chauvinism exists. Solidarity with Aurora Leone”. The actors of ‘Gomorra’ – “If you denounce you are a crazy mythomaniac if you protest you are rude and arrogant. If you get angry you are hysterical. The overturning (why a woman and a Neapolitan?) Sucks singers. Know it. Get rid of these gentlemen. Aurora Leone you hug”. The solidarity towards Aurora Leone of The Jackal and her denunciation of a ‘sexist’ attack immediately after the call for the Match of the Heart comes, via Twitter, from the Neapolitan actress Maria Pia Scalzone, the famous Imma Savastano of the TV series ‘Gomorra’ . Another protagonist of ‘Gomorra – La serie’, Salvatore Esposito, the Genny Savastato of fiction, commented on The Jackal’s denouncing post with a laconic: “What disgusting”. Facchinetti – “It would be a good and right thing if the women participating in the Match of the Heart did not take the field in protest. Every action has a reaction”, writes Francesco Facchinetti on Twitter, inviting women to boycott the Match of the Heart.



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