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The life and the long and brilliant career of the Italian director who has been able to conquer a prestigious place in the world art scene: this is the documentary “Zeffirelli, a life as a director” broadcast tomorrow at 19.25 on Rai5. Despite having obtained international awards and recognitions in the cinema, it is in the theater, and especially in the direction of opera, that Franco Zeffirelli has given and obtained the maximum, working with the most brilliant stars of the musical firmament, such as Maria Callas, Joan Sutherland and many others. In this documentary, his son Pippo and his lifelong friends, including Joan Plowright and Robert Powell, famous interpreter of Christ in the drama Jesus of Nazareth, tell the rise, triumphs and roughness of the great artist who died in June 2019 at 96 years old. With his exploits and failures, Umberto Nobile has written some of the most compelling and controversial pages in the history of Italian aeronautics and exploration. Pages retraced by professor Isabella Insolvibile and by Paolo Mieli in “Past and present” broadcast tomorrow at 1.15pm on Rai3 and at 8.30pm on Rai Storia. In 1926 the first flight over the North Pole with the Norge airship, which he designed, made him a celebrity that the fascist regime exploited to its own advantage. The second enterprise at the Polo, however, ends tragically. The strong winds push the airship Italia to crash into the pack and then drag it away, with 6 crew members still on board, who will never be found again. Many of the rescue attempts to save the survivors left on the ice, inside the famous “red tent”, have also been fatal. Nobile is saved, but, having lost the favor of Mussolini, he becomes the subject of investigations by a commission of inquiry which, in 1929, declares him guilty of the incident. Nobile leaves the Air Force and moves first to the Soviet Union and then to the United States, where he teaches engineering. Returning to Italy after the war, he becomes a deputy in the ranks of the PCI and continues to fight to obtain the overturning of the charges against him, especially the most hateful: that of having abandoned his men on the ice, saving himself first. Tony Webster, divorced and now retired, he leads a solitary and relatively quiet life. One day he learns that the mother of the girl he was with at university, Veronica, left him, in his will, the diary kept by his best friend of the time, who had been with Veronica after she and Tony broke up. This is the story that Ritesh Batra tells in the film “The other half of the story”, with Jim Broadbent, Charlotte Rampling, Harriet Walter, Michelle Dockery, Matthew Goode, broadcast tomorrow at 9.15 pm on Rai5, without commercial breaks and available in Italian original. Attempting to retrieve the diary, now in the hands of an older but equally enigmatic Veronica, forces him to revisit his early memories. Digging deeper and deeper into his past, all the details of that time begin to resurface: first love, a broken heart, deceptions, regrets, guilt … Tony will be able to find the courage to face. the truth and to take responsibility for the devastating consequences of the actions he made so many years ago? The film is based on the novel “The sense of an end” by Julian Barnes. On Rai1 at ‘Porta a Porta’ Tajani and Di Battista – on Rai Movie ‘Nuovo cinema Paradiso’ In tomorrow’s appointment at 11.40 on Rai1, the coordinator of Forza Italia, Antonio Tajani, and Alessandro Di Battista, politician, activist and writer, will be interviewed by Bruno Vespa. Tomorrow at 21.10 on Rai Movie (channel 24 of digital terrestrial), for the cycle Il vizio del cinema will be broadcast “Nuovo cinema Paradiso ”by Giuseppe Tornatore in its full version. A true hymn of love for cinema and the cinema, Oscar as best foreign film and Special Jury Prize at the Cannes Film Festival, it is one of the most famous Italian films in the world. Little Totò lives in a small Sicilian village with his mother and little sister. A great passion for cinema is born in him: in order to attend the shows he is an altar boy for Don Adelfio, parish priest who manages the only cinema in the town. So he meets Alfredo, the surly projectionist, thanks to whom he will begin to lay the foundations of his career as a director. “Nuovo cinema Paradiso” gave Giuseppe Tornatore fame and success. The curious production history has fascinated generations of enthusiasts. The film was presented at the Europa Cinema Festival in Bari in 1988, obtaining great success with the public and little enthusiasm from critics, it was released in theaters in the autumn of the same year and was a resounding failure. The producer Franco Cristaldi, together with Fabio Rinaudo and Giuseppe Tornatore made numerous cuts to the film and tried to bring it back to the Festivals. In Cannes, the film won the Special Jury Prize in 1989 and the following year the Oscar for Best Foreign Film. From here on, an innumerable series of awards and successes.The music of Ennio Morricone, the interpretations of Philippe Noiret, Salvatore Cascio, Jacques Perrin and one of the most unforgettable endings in the history of cinema contributed to making the film a unique masterpiece to see and After the sensational victory of the Maneskin and Italian rock at the Eurovision Song Contest in Rotterdam, we are already starting to think about the next edition that will be organized by Rai in our country. Tomorrow at 10.00 on Rai2, on “Tg2 Italia”, the column conducted by Marzia Roncacci, together with the journalist and music critic Dario Salvatori and the vocal coach of the Roman group, Danila Satragno, will talk about it. In the second part of the program, however, we will talk about the rediscovery of products of the earth that constitute the heritage of biodiversity that is experiencing great success in the agricultural economy and obviously in the tables, with Carmelo Troccoli, director of Campagna Amica di Coldiretti and Francesca Romana Barberini , food and wine. On Rai3 on ‘Elisir’ food allergies and endometriosis – on Rai5 ‘Rock Legends’ In the first part of “Elisir”, the medical program conducted by Michele Mirabella and Benedetta Rinaldi, broadcast tomorrow at 11.00 on Rai3, we will talk about food allergies , a specific form of adverse reaction to foods or food components that activate the immune system. How do they manifest themselves? And how are they treated? This will be explained by Alessandra Piona, Head of General Medicine at the Humanitas San Pio X Hospital in Milan and specialist in Allergology. In the second part, however, space is given to endometriosis, a chronic inflammatory disease that affects 5 to 10% of women. What are the causes? Can it be cured? The questions will be answered by Professor Giovanni Scambia, Scientific Director of the Agostino Gemelli University Polyclinic Foundation in Rome. Finally, salt, an important component of our diet but which must be used in small quantities. Why? Is it true that there is also hidden salt in sweet foods? We will talk about it with Mirella Elia, nutritionist at the Bambino Gesù Hospital in Rome. ‘Rock Legends’, broadcast tomorrow at 00.05 on Rai5, traces the story of Cher. Singer, actress, gay icon, since the legendary 60s Cher is famous not only for her artistic skills, but also for her undoubted qualities as a show-woman. Chameleon and timeless, Cher has continued to ride the wave of success since the age of 16, when she made her debut alongside her partner Sonny Bono with the international hit “I’ve Got You Babe”. The episode of “La banda dei FuoriClasse” will be dedicated to World Africa Day, broadcast tomorrow at 3pm on Rai Gulp. The program, led by Mario Acampa, was created to help primary and lower secondary school students in a very complicated school year after school. The teacher Oriana Darù will give a lesson on the African continent and its many facets. The popularizer of the day is Gaia Colombo of Amref, who works actively to contribute to a different perception of the African continent: for the occasion she will present a report in which she will dispel erroneous beliefs and clichés about Africa and its inhabitants. The MarbreBlonde are back presenting the works of the artist Alberto Giacometti and will propose a workshop dedicated to him. The professor. Enrico Galiano, on the other hand, will speak about Nelson Mandela, activist and former President of South Africa. The Ultimate Fresbee course continues to learn how to have fun outdoors with the instructors of the CUS of Bologna, Gaia Pancotti and Arturo Laffi.



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