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Fedez, social outburst on Rai lawsuit: “State cowardice”


“Update on my complaints album: I have just been sued by Rai”. Thus began the long social outburst of Fedez after having learned the news of a lawsuit coming from Rai for the case of the concert on May 1st. In a story on Instagram, the singer harshly attacks Rai and speaks of “state cowardice” on the part of its executives. “As I have always said, I take responsibility for what I have said and done, so I face the consequences. But we should remember how State TV behaved in this matter”, says Fedez, who after summarizing what happened adds: ” Do you know where is the difference between you and me? It is that I published the phone call by putting my face on it and paying the consequences, you who recorded me in turn, state TV managers, you gave it to journalists that they have to cover their sources. Obviously this is not a legal offense, but you have covered your ass and this is state cowardice. But that’s okay. ” Read also And again: “Although you have made the great effort to unleash the press in your favor, go and read the comments on Youtube of what people think, that the full phone call is even worse than the cut one. I have published everything I still have in my hand, so we hope that at least in the Rai Supervisory Committee they will let me speak and have my say, since there is a need for cross-examination “. “I knew how it would end – he emphasizes – and I am happy about this because there are so many things that must emerge. For example, how did the League issue a press release 6 hours before I went on stage saying: if Fedez goes on stage at doesn’t Rai have to pay the big ticket to read his text? “. “Anyway, we are all the more proud of what I did: I would do it a thousand more times. It is not a question of doing it to sell a few more glazes, because I keep my family even without glazes”, points out Fedez, before concluding: “The thing that gives me infinite sadness is that it was a Northern League member of the Rai Vigilance Commission who communicated the RAI complaint who said that on stage I said some very serious things. Fritz friend of the League, the things I said are words of people from your party who are still in there making a career. But where c … do you live? “.



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