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Eurovision, dj Aniceto sarcastic: ‘But what drug! Maneskin are the Cristina D’Avena of rock ”


Do the Maneskins snort cocaine? ” But when ever, they’re good guys! They pretend to be ‘cursed’ but in reality they are rock Cristina D’Avena. If Damiano had been a real rock star he would have said: ‘Yes, I sniffed’! “. So sarcastic to Adnkronos dj Aniceto, who has always been involved in social issues and in the fight against drugs, on the article that appeared on a French site that he accused the frontman of the Roman band of snorting cocaine live during Eurovision after the video that portrays the singer as he approaches a table with his head bowed. ” A true rock star does not dress up as half a man and half a woman – continues Aniceto – they (the Maneskin, ed.) have a hybrid image. He (Damiano David, ed) drinks herbal teas in the evening and then puts eye shadow on his eyes. Being represented by this group at the Eurofestival has bothered me a bit – he confesses – a rock singer cannot present himself as a hybrid, internationally it takes a distinction between man and woman. You cannot represent Italy in Europe by carrying the message of the Zan Ddl only to enter a radical chic revolution that now goes a lot in fashion. ” ‘I’m not anymore These kisses occur between men just to make a scene – adds Aniceto – they play a lot on this and it bothers me a bit ”. The anti-drug dj does not hide the fact that he does not love the band even at a musical level: “I find their rock cacophonous, it shocks me. If they won at the Eurofestival it is only thanks to Chiara Ferragni who made a lot of stories on Instagram to support them. . The real winner is her. ” Returning to the accusations of snorting drugs, DJ Aniceto points out: “Unfortunately, since the 1970s, being a rock star has automatically meant being addicted. This is why if you see a rock star bending down on a coffee table live, many think that she is snorting cocaine. I am very happy that Damiano said he does not take drugs but if he puts himself in such an eccentric way only to appear ‘cursed’ then he cannot complain if he is accused of having taken drugs. So the Maneskins risk looking like a cartoon, what I would like to tell them is to stop pretending and be themselves ”, he concludes. (by Alisa Toaff)



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