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11 September, Sky’s special programming


Sky TG24 remembers the anniversary with the dedicated programming “11 Settembre. 20 years that are worth a century “. On 10 September at 7.30 pm the channel directed by Giuseppe De Bellis will propose a special curated by Liliana Faccioli Pintozzi who, with a suggestive story enhanced by the use of virtual and augmented reality, will analyze the last two decades, explaining how a disruptive event how September 11 was a real “accelerator” of history, which profoundly marked our society. Directed by Francesco Venuto and graphic design by Francesca Catà, the special also contains interviews with historians, architects and analysts such as John Bolton, Undersecretary of the Bush Administration, political scientist Gilles Kepel, architect Daniel Libeskind, Zabihullah Mujahid, spokesman for the Taliban, activist David Solnit and Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Lawrence Wright. On 11 September from 2.00 pm it will be the turn of a special live that will follow the ceremony of remembrance live from New York with guests and connections from the symbolic places of this twenty-year anniversary, not only New York, but also Kabul, Paris and London. These two events join the numerous insights by Liliana Faccioli Pintozzi and Cristiana Mancini that Sky TG24 has been dedicating to the theme for days, such as the special by Marco Congiu “The Survivors”, which tells the last 20 years of American history through lives of seven survivors of the collapse of the Twin Towers, the reportage by Federico Leoni “The September 11 of QAnon”, on the conspiracy theses linked to the attack of the activists of the QAnon movement, the reportage “September 11 of generation Z” , edited by Federico Leoni and interviews with Ari Fleischer, spokesman for President George W. Bush from 2001 to 2003, Tony Blair, former British premier, and the photographers of the Magnum-Contrasto agency who documented that day, also the ” Pills of memory ”: September 11 in the memories of politicians, intellectuals, artists. All these contents are always available On Demand and on the website, where there are also many other dedicated contents, such as the symbolic testimonies of the history of NY and an in-depth study on children’s drawings after September 11th. September, at 21:00 Sky Atlantic offers 11TH HOUR (also available in streaming on NOW), an exciting short film with Salma Hayek written and directed by Jim Sheridan (My left foot, In the name of the father, Brothers). A choral story on the changes that took place in America after 9/11, which addresses issues such as intolerance, racism and a sense of community. Maria José (Hayek) runs a bar in Manhattan. The evening of 9/11 is filled with shocked people and NYPD agents, united in disbelief, pain and anger. On television screens swirl images of the collapsing Twin Towers and the face of suspected terrorist Osama Bin Laden. The atmosphere is very tense, with everyone looking for someone to blame for the horrific attack on the city, when a surprise visitor enters the bar. Appointment on Sky Cinema Due and streaming on NOW at 9.15pm on September 11 with WORTH – THE PACT, premiered, an intense story with Michael Keaton and Stanley Tucci, presented at the 2020 Sundance Film Festival. Following the 2001 terrorist attacks on the United States, Congress appoints attorney Kenneth Feinberg to lead the Fund compensation for the victims of 9/11. But how can lost lives be valued? Trapped by airline lobbies and bureaucracy, Feinberg must negotiate a deal with the families of the victims as he begins to take a close look at the human costs of the tragedy. Also on Sky Cinema Due starting at 18.50 and streaming on NOW, two other films: the film by Oliver Stone with Nicolas Cage WORLD TRADE CENTER, in which during the first rescue operations, two Port Authority policemen are trapped in the darkness of rubble after the collapse of the Twin Towers and THE KING OF STATEN ISLAND by Judd Apatow, a film inspired by the life of the protagonist Pete Davidson, a boy forced to face the trauma of the death of his father, a firefighter who has never returned since 11 September. Sky Documentaries with WHAT HAPPENED ON SEPTEMBER 11th?, Broadcast at 9.15pm and streamed on NOW. The questions of a generation born after 9/11: What happened on 9/11? Why did it happen? What has been its impact in our country and on the world? Exploring these and other questions in a child-friendly way, the HBO family documentary is an introduction to the events of 9/11. Followed by MANHUNT – OSAMA BIN LADEN at 9.45pm, a documentary that tells the extraordinary story of the two-decade-long search for the most famous terrorist in the world: Osama Bin Laden. On the same channel on 10 September at 9.15 pm the documentary FOREIGN FIGHTERS – AT THE SERVICE OF JIHAD, which with a closer look, follows and tells Ubaydullah Hussain, former Norwegian spokesman for the Salafi-jihadist group Profetens Ummah. On this day of commemorations, Sky Arte also celebrates New York as the cradle of art and culture, dedicating the programming of the channel to this extraordinary city. Starting at 8:15 pm on Sky Arte and streaming on NOW, the first two episodes of the THE SOUND OF NEW YORK series will be broadcast, which will continue on the following Saturdays at the same time. Jazz musicians open the doors of their homes and their recording rooms to tell their artistic evolution in an intimate and engaging way. The first episode dedicated to the musician Bilal: raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, tells that the deep interest in jazz was transmitted to him by his father, the second episode is dedicated to Greg Osby, saxophonist, composer and producer, he left an indelible mark in contemporary jazz as leader of his own ensemble and guest of other acclaimed jazz groups. In the early evening the appointment is with HAROLD FEINSTEIN – NEW YORK E L’ATTIMO, a documentary dedicated to one of the greatest American photographers: Harold Feinstein. It traces the life and career of the famous master through his shots that reflect his unique vision of life.Also National Geographic proposes, to commemorate the attack on the Twin Towers, the series 11 SEPTEMBER: TWENTY YEARS AFTER which he tells in several episodes the tragic events: ep.2 THE SOUTH TOWER When the second plane hit, the civilians in the South Tower had to find a way to escape from the top floors to find safety. Ep.3 THE COLLAPSE After two planes hit the World Trade Center, a day of terror continues. Flight 77 crashes into the Pentagon, while Flight 93 is hijacked and diverted to Washington DC The documentary follows the heroic stories of military personnel in DC and passengers of United 93 as they struggle desperately to save lives. Ep.4 THE DUST CLOUD Survivors are separated when they are engulfed by a giant cloud of dust after the south tower falls. The documentary tells of their struggle with the trauma resulting from their experiences and as they desperately search for their missing loved ones. Ep.5 – THE FIRST HEROES A group of firefighters who were inside the north tower as it collapsed managed to miraculously survive. Now they are trapped and as they call for help via radio “mayday”, other firefighters must race against time to locate and rescue their “brothers” in a dangerous and unstable ocean of rubble. Ep.6 IN SEARCH OF THE SURVIVORS In the aftermath of the collapse of the towers, two former marines and a former paramedic come across two Port Authority police officers trapped 15 meters under the rubble. By putting their lives on the line, they manage to complete one of the most incredible rescue stories in history.Finally, an appointment on the History Channel with APOCALYPSE 9/11, two documentaries designed to commemorate the victims of the World Trade Center, twenty years after ” terrorist attack that changed the United States of America and the whole world, Friday 10 September at 21.00 THE PLANES OF 11 SEPTEMBER and Saturday 11 September at 21.00 9/11: THE HISTORY OF THE TWIN TOWERS


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