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Simona Ventura at the Lido: “The direction of documentaries is my new challenge”


“I’ve always been curious and I’m always on the move, I need to find new opportunities, new challenges so as not to get bored and I want to keep my creativity alive. Hence the decision to take the path of the documentary maker”. Simona Ventura, one of the most popular TV presenters, makes her directorial debut with “The 7 Days of Bergamo”, a one-hour and 6-minute documentary film on the dramatic impact of the Covid pandemic in Lombardy in the first weeks of the health emergency and in particular on the construction in just 7 days at the end of March 2020 of the hospital at the Bergamo Fair by the Alpini assisted by artisans, entrepreneurs and Atalanta fans. The documentary is among the special screenings at the 78th edition of the Venice Film Festival and SuperSimo presented it in a press conference at the Hotel Excelsior on the Lido of Venice with the authors of the documentary Giovanni Terzi, Luigi and Ambrogio Crespi and Natascia Turato. “I like to find stories to tell and I was struck by the story of Sergio Vizzini, national head of alpine health of the National Association of Alpine troops, concerning the construction of the Bergamo hospital during the hardest phase of the lockdown. It is a painful story for many aspects but of great value, because it witnesses generosity, solidarity and union “, said Ventura, who in the direction of the work was supported by two young assistant directors, Niccolò Crespi and Michele Saulle. “We worked a lot on the images, drawing on those from the repertoire, perhaps as shocking as the Army trucks carrying away the coffins, and others that instead inspire hope”. The docufilm ends with a message of “trust in the future”, on the notes of an unpublished song by Francesco Tricarico written during the lockdown. “Every time I listen to this song that is the soundtrack to the images of my film, I am moved”, confessed the TV presenter. “There is so much to tell about the pandemic and we have chosen an example from the many solidarity projects carried out – highlighted Simona Ventura – And I draw a message of hope from it: when our country unites there is none for anyone , because we show strength. We are often divided but in the face of an emergency, Italians unite and do extraordinary things “. The captain of the Alpini Sergio Rizzini is the protagonist of the docufilm, who converses with the new director, who witnessed the most distressing phases of Covid in the Bergamo area during the late winter lockdown a year ago. It was March 17, 2020 when the president of the Lombardy Region, Attilio Fontana, made a request to authorize the installation of a medical facility inside the Bergamo Fair. The next day, on March 18 – while the disturbing images of military trucks carrying the coffins of the Covid dead to the crematorium ovens of other cities began to circulate – the Alpini made the inspection and designed the hospital: in four days four different projects and its construction from 23 to 30 March, and its inauguration on 2 April. “Simona recounted the sensitivity of a people who at that moment felt the need to bear witness to the utmost solidarity. Simona describes a miracle, that of a hospital built in seven days with the highest technical standards”, explained Rizzini at a press conference. The documentary will be broadcast in Italy and most likely also abroad. “We are also in Venice to meet both Italian and foreign distributors and I must say that there is a lot of interest”, anticipated Simona Ventura, announcing that this will be only the first of other projects. “I have two or three topics in mind, to be addressed also through interviews, in order to make new documentaries. As for the idea of ​​making fiction films, not for now but I do not exclude it, perhaps in the near future. Never say never in life, though aware that I act with humility. I will evaluate every other proposal, also because I don’t want to stay on TV until old age “. “We already have ideas with strong themes that no one would expect from me – he added – There is a great desire for content both on TV and online and we are ready to create content for the various platforms”. as “very convinced” Yes Vax: “I could not wait to get the vaccine, in our family everyone is vaccinated. I firmly believe in the need to get vaccinated”. And on the controversies that have involved her she cut short: “Surely I will have received attacks but I do not read the comments”. And he added: “I say yes to the green pass for all activities. With the green pass we can enter everywhere and it serves to restart everything. I am for respect for the rules”. At the press conference to present the documentary, the minister also intervened. of Regional Affairs, Mariastella Gelmini. “As a Lombard and as an Italian, I say thank you for this work that takes us back in time and makes us relive very significant and indelible pages in our memory. At the same time – said the minister – this documentary induces a message of confidence because creating a hospital in 7 days it is a half miracle. The Alpini are always in the front row in situations of need, they have an extraordinary ability to create important works with great generosity and self-denial “.” Thanks to Simona Ventura for having wanted to bring this extraordinary page of solidarity to the screens Italian – concluded Gelmini – This pandemic has also shown the face of a resilient Italy “. by Paolo Martini


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