• Fri. Jan 21st, 2022

Fedez and May 1, Di Mare (Rai3): “No censorship, manipulation of facts”


May 5, 2021

“Lie became truth in 48 hours, no one took the time to verify”. This is the harsh indictment of the director of Rai3 Franco Di Mare in the Vigilance Committee of Viale Mazzini on the Fedez-Primo Maggio case. “It is a lie that Rai has censored, but this has also passed abroad,” he says. “At Fedez there has been manipulation to alter the sense of things” to “defame an entire network”, he attacks, recalling that “it is a crime”. “Fedez cut a sentence in which Capitani (the deputy director of Rai3, ed.) Says that Rai does not censor”, adds Di Mare, and that “it was an iCompany initiative” to call the rapper. “Rai was in the dark, it did not ask Fedez for a text, iCompany did it” underlines the director of Rai 3, adding that in any case it is “legitimate to request the text from iCompany to avoid possible offenses”. The “politics often asks for an account, but an excess of verification becomes an impediment” he adds, underlining how now “Rai3 and the deputy director are waiting for an apology, but I don’t think they will arrive”.