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Accident in Senhit during Eurovision tests, the platform did not stop


Last night, Friday 21 May, during the rehearsal of the Eurovision Song Contest 2021 final, a very serious accident occurred to the detriment of the team representing the Republic of San Marino, which seriously endangered the physical safety of Senhit and the dancers who , together with the well-known American rapper Flo Rida, accompanied her on stage. It causes the rotating platform not to stop, due to the forgetfulness of the host broadcaster by a technician. A note from the press office ‘Words and surroundings, which takes care of the communication of the Italian-Eritrean singer, reports this. However, Senhit will be there tonight both to avoid disappointing her fans and because Eurovision has allowed her to bring the team’s trusted coach. It will be the last to perform in the final which will decide the winner after midnight. “The rotating platform on which the artists were performing – reads more in detail in the note – was not stopped by the technician foreseen by the organization, so Senhit and the dancers were forced to jump off the platform in motion at high speed. the platform is in fact a metal plate of about 6×2 meters that rotates rapidly, raised a few tens of centimeters from the ground, getting off it while it is in motion involves serious risks, including the possibility of being hit and dragged once on the ground. Obviously, which is of course less important than the risk run by the artists but still relevant considering the importance of the exhibition, the performance (relevant for the final vote) for the juries was heavily penalized by the incident, both for the impossibility for the artists to perform the planned choreographies both for the loss of concentration that it inevitably entailed “. “Among other things, the rotating platform was also started late, with the consequence that all the expected shots were distorted (in other words, when the face should have been framed it was instead the back). Despite this, Senhit, Flo Rida and the dancers – it is highlighted – fully honored the maxim ‘show must go on’, completing the performance as best they could, while the juries voted without having been informed of what had happened. and San Marino Rtv offered the availability to the artists to withdraw the team from the competition, obviously considering the physical safety of the artists more important than the competition itself. Out of respect for the public, Senhit, Flo Rida and the dancers declined this offer, even in the face of the availability of the organizing body, granted late at night acknowledging the error, to allow that during the remaining performances a fi trust of the team alongside the host broadcaster employee, as the participating broadcaster and the creative director had repeatedly and unnecessarily requested in the months prior to the event “.



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