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Venice, the hair stylist of the stars: “The most elegant? Nicoletta Braschi”


“Nicoletta Braschi has an elegance and a surprising physical and mental harmony, combing her is exciting. She was born with a particular grace, and after 40 years of combing her she is still perfectly intact”. The king of hairdressers Roberto D’Antonio reveals all the secrets of the glam of the 78th edition of the Venice Film Festival at Adnkronos. He, who knows the red carpet since he has been combing the most important actresses of the planetary jet set for decades, from Cannes to Berlin to Venice, says that this year the excitement on the Lido has resumed as in the golden days, and for those who work it is not necessarily a good thing: “Last year, due to the pandemic, we got used to being calm at work, less crowds, and this, despite the negativity of the situation, allowed us to work better and more peacefully” , he observes. Although “I must say that the organization is perfect, everything has been studied perfectly. And this compared to Cannes, where there was confusion, is really to be appreciated”, he explains. D’Antonio, who styled among others Sara Gadon, the Canadian actress member of the Jury, Alba Rohrwacher, Paolo Sorrentino’s wife Daniela D’Antonio, Valeria Golino, Jasmine Trinca, Valentina Cervi and many others, brought to the carpet rosso a precise idea of ​​a woman: “She is a very elegant and not artificial woman. A woman who is inspired by the actresses of the past, from Grace Kelly to Michelle Pfiffer in the Eighties, with a sensual charm but not shouted”. And on this point, the master of hairstyles sends a little jab to the Olympus of the stars who are plowing the red carpet: “The actresses I follow have fortunately respect for the moment. But on the red carpet I also saw so little elegance, perhaps like reaction because they were used to restrictions. They definitely exaggerated, showing little tact and little savoir-faire. Instead, the moment is still delicate and we still have to not be over the top. The watchword, for me, is sobriety “, he concludes .


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