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Streaming music, artists claim the right to compensation


Right to compensation also for streaming music, an army of artists on a war footing. There are Paolo Fresu, Luciano Ligabue, Gianna Nannini, Mario Biondi, Frankie hi-nrg mc, Raphael Gualazzi, Fabrizio Bosso, Morgan, Mario Fargetta, Pierangelo Cassano dei Matia Bazar, Fabio Concato, Irene Grandi, Mario Venuti, Fred Ventura, l Assolirica Association, Adeidj (Association of Independent Jazz Labels), among the 2,000 performers and musicians, of all musical genres, signatories of an appeal sent to Minister Franceschini and the Presidents of the Chamber and Senate. Singers and musicians ask the institutions that, in implementing the Copyright Directive, artists “have a right to compensation for the streaming use of music broadcasted by on-demand platforms, as is already provided for radio and TV and for their fellow actors “. The mobilization of artists stems from the “strong concern for the choices made by the Government, which at the moment did not want to adequately resolve the situation that sees, on the one hand, the streaming on demand market grow exponentially and on the other artists receive little or nothing for the uses of their works “. “The luckiest – underline the musicians – earn 0.46% of what a platform like Spotify or Apple Music collects.” 41%. And already in 2020 81% of total revenues accrued thanks to the digital market alone. “Even in the light of these data, how can politics overlook and not intervene to find an adequate solution that can finally see all the musicians and performers participate in the success of their music?”, Ask the signatories of the appeal addressed to Minister Franceschini. and to the Presidents Casellati and Fico. “Without an immediate change of course, the future and the work of an entire cultural category of our country is put at risk”, they denounce. “Our gaze is turned to the institutions. We now expect the Government and Parliament to listen to our requests and understand the opportunity and the need to finally recognize the right role for the figure of the artist, also taking into account the profound crisis that the category is going through. I think of the many musicians and performers who, while making a fundamental artistic contribution to the successes that are widely disseminated by the platforms, do not see what they deserve recognized. The policy on this issue can no longer turn its back on us ”, underlines Paolo Fresu who, together with the collection of the Itsright artists, promoted the appeal, as part of the common commitment to support the European Payperformers campaign.

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