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‘Goodnight stories for rebellious girls’, Margherita Vicario protagonist at the ‘Todi Festival’


“A show that talks about humanity, about human rights to be defended or conquered but also about passion, study, research, cultural schemes that for so many centuries have not allowed women to have a fully free life”. This is how the actress Margherita Vicario describes to AdnKronos the ‘Goodnight Stories, for rebel girls’ – taken from the best-seller by Elena Favilli and Francesca Cavallo, directed by Francesco Frangipane and with the Multiethnic Orchestra of Arezzo conducted by Maestro Enrico Fink – who see her as a protagonist at the ‘Todi Festival’. “It is an issue that is close to my heart – he underlines – At the moment, the world is going into a phase of displacement, it is enough just to observe miles away from us what is happening or may soon happen to women in Afghanistan … All in the midst of an era of female emancipation, which points towards the goal of true and full gender equality “. Margherita Vicario observes that” in every show, there is always a personal component. Here too, some stories have struck me more I wanted to add a story and it concerns my great-grandmother. After the armistice, she spent a month looking for her husband who was an officer in the Italian Army and with the ‘disbandment’ he went into hiding with others soldiers in the mountains of Piedmont; she sought him out, riding a bicycle: a story of love and courage “.” Other stories that struck me – continues the actress – are for example those of a Syrian athlete who participated in the Olympics, after and having disembarked on a rubber dinghy on the Greek island of Lesbos and emigrated to Germany; and an Ethiopian immigrant student in the US, the first to work in the field of ethical artificial intelligence. All beautiful and not very famous stories: and that’s the beauty of this show “. Spettacolo for which” there was no direct confrontation with the two authors, also because the book is so beautiful and solid that it speaks for itself; in any case, it was in any case a very independent work from the writers, with freedom of integration of the source literary material; not surprisingly, I added a personal story “. As for the idea of ​​transposing the writing to the theater,” it was not born of me, but I was involved by the director Francesco Frangipane, who saw in me the right artistic figure for represent a woman who wants to live her own life and then who dialogues with the orchestra and does not use it only as a musical accompaniment, interacting by interpreting some pieces “. For a right mix of literature and theater, music and art, in the sign of commitment social. (by Enzo Bonaiuto)

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