NewsEntertainmentGiletti-La7, signed agreement: two-year renewal for 'Non è l'Arena'

Giletti-La7, signed agreement: two-year renewal for ‘Non è l’Arena’


Agreement signed between Massimo Giletti and La7: for the next two years the journalist will always be at the helm of his program ‘Non è l’Arena’, which this year will debut in the autumn in the new location on Wednesday evening in prime time. “I deeply feel the bond with Cairo – declares Giletti – which has always left me absolute freedom. So I renew my confidence in La7. I asked to go on the air on Wednesdays because I love to face new challenges”. “Massimo Giletti is a number one, who has TV in his DNA – declares Urbano Cairo, publisher of La7 – He has done very well with us since his arrival in 2017, with excellent results on Sunday. He has signed important journalistic inquiries and with his battles always makes a great contribution to the justice and legality of the country. An excellent personal relationship has developed with Massimo which I am happy to continue in the coming years “.


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