• Fri. Jan 21st, 2022

Rapper Claver Gold: “More populist to attack police like Gemitaiz than to defend them”


May 5, 2021

“We must never generalize, let alone nourish populism. And today it is much more populist to attack the police than to defend them …”. This is what the rapper Daycol Emidio Orsini, aka Claver Gold underlines, commenting to the AdnKronos the controversy triggered by the rapper Gemitaiz against the police forces accused of “sucking” and “not having the balls” for the failure to intervene in Piazza Duomo in Milan to avoid the gathering of Inter fans who were celebrating the conquest of the Scudetto, with the consequent protests of the police unions. “It would be populist to both attack and defend the police a priori – says Claver Gold, who is also an Inter fan among other things – Since the Floyd episode in the US, criticism of the police forces has been fueled by new motivations. the fight between rap and the police will go on forever, because rap is seen as an antagonist if not an enemy of the police, regardless; and it is also true that in so much rap music, especially in the States, there is praise for crime and sometimes it is linked to real and own gangs “. But, Claver Gold continues,” in Italy we are very far from this panorama, the antagonism is more ideological, political, ‘street’, we could say anarchist, as well as generational, than criminal. , it was neither possible nor right to intervene in riot gear to interrupt a street party where there was no violence but joy: the consequences would have been much worse … So – concludes the rapper – everyone must be ‘nailed’ to their responsibilities. personal ilities and not to those of the category, be it that of the police or rap. And, on this basis, take sides: you must always take sides and clarify which side you are on, without hiding “. (By Enzo Bonaiuto)