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For the “Summer Comedies” cycle, Rai1 will broadcast Alessandro Pondi’s film “Chi m’ha visto” tomorrow at 21.25 with Giuseppe Fiorello, Pierfrancesco Favino, Dino Abbrescia, Sabrina Impacciatore. Martino is an excellent guitarist, he collaborates with great musicians, but he is unknown to the general public, even his best friend Peppino treats him as a failure. Tired of staying behind the scenes, Martino stages his own disappearance to attract media attention and achieve success. Journalists and television crews arrive in the village, creating unexpected profits for traders and hoteliers … Still many trips around the world, between culture and nature, with “Kilimanjaro Estate”. Camila Raznovich opens tomorrow’s episode broadcast at 9.20 pm on Rai3, with an exceptional guest, Maria Chiara Carrozza, president of the CNR, National Research Council, the first woman to hold this position. Among the other guests, Maria Chiara Paganini and, in connection from Russia, Sebastiano Rossitto, both authors of a documentary in which they tell their adventure at the Mongol Rally: over 18 thousand kilometers from Prague to Ulan Udè in Siberia through 16 countries. Finally, in connection with the Met, the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, the director of the scientific research department Marco Leona will talk about how scientists work to restore works of art. With some of the guests of the “Kilimanjaro” we will then go to the places of their stories and in this episode we will follow the marine biologist Mariasole Bianco, on her journey to the Azores in search of whales. Other destinations will be Polynesia, from Fakarava to Rangiroa, while, starting from Khiva in Uzbekistan, we will explore some cities that are located on the ancient silk road.The world seen by the cheetahs of Namibia: an unprecedented point of view, at the center of the documentary of the series “Animals with Cameras”, broadcast tomorrow at 9.15 pm on Rai5. The images of the documentary are “signed” by 3 three young orphaned cheetahs who must learn to hunt, in an environment where prey is not always easy and compliant. For this, they will have to join forces. On Rai Storia ‘The sun even at night’ by the Taviani brothers – ‘On the road to Damascus’ on Rai2 The twelfth film by the Taviani brothers, based on the story “Father Sergij” by Lev Tolstoj: it is ” The sun also at night ”broadcast tomorrow at 21.10 on Rai Storia for the“ Binario Cinema ”cycle. Among the performers, Julian Sands, Nastassja Kinski, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Sergio Giuramondo. A young man from the small Lucanian nobility, intensely aspires to be recognized and appreciated by King Charles III of Bourbon. He becomes his first assistant, as always dreamed of and, to validate his status, he must marry the Duchess Cristina Del Carpio. Although Sergio gets engaged for reasons of mere calculation, in the end he will truly fall in love with the beautiful young woman who, however, will confess to him that she was the lover of the sovereign himself. Deeply wounded in his pride, he decides to be second to none, turning his back on a political career and love, he chooses the religious life, taking refuge in a convent. Not happy, he will end up as a hermit on Mount Petra. How far will his determination and the spasmodic pursuit of absolute perfection take him? There is a “new poor” alarm after a year of pandemic. This was reported by Caritas, which has seen the number of people seeking help grow. “On the Via di Damascus”, tomorrow at 9.10 on Rai2, in the episode “50 years of Caritas” will tell the hidden faces of the new poverty, offering a reading of the social situation of the country injured by Covid. In conversation with Eva Crosetta, the director of the Italian Caritas, Fr Francesco Soddu, takes stock of the responses put in place in these 50 years of service to the poor, also indicating the new paths of charity. Caritas represents the “way of the last”, so Pope Francis in his message, last June 26. A sign of this charitable presence of the Church are places like the San Lorenzo canteen, in Tivoli, which has gone from 80 to 1200 distributions per day, which will be discussed by the manager and the volunteers. In closing, the economist Luigino Bruni will explain “Francesco’s economy” as a possible development model to “heal the world” from the virus of inequalities. Tomorrow at 9.30 on Rai 1, “Azzurro Storie di mare” will be dedicated to the wonders of Isole Tremiti and in the memory of Lucio Dalla. In this third episode with Beppe Convertini the beauties, the thousand potentials and the infinite faces of these islands will be shown, and there will also be an exciting tribute to the singer-songwriter Lucio Dalla, who deeply loved these places. Space also for discoveries, scientific research and professions related to the marine world. With Beppe Convertini and the Azzurro Team we will learn to respect the sea more and to concretely promote that culture of environmental sustainability of which all, today more than ever, are called to be convinced ambassadors. with ‘Don Giovanni’ All over the world, birds, mammals and fish face thousands of kilometers every year to find places to reproduce. They learn to orient themselves and move in groups, following very specific routes. In tomorrow’s episode of “Sapiens Files”, broadcast at 8.30 pm on Rai3, Mario Tozzi, from the Circeo National Park, in the province of Latina, talks about the migrations of the animal world, real epic journeys between land, sea and sky. In a way that seems incredible, thousands of animals meet in one place, such as Lake Paola, where about 260 species of birds gather in search of food. For animals, migrations represent a promise: to return to reproduce in the same place where they were born. However, the climatic changes and the heavy environmental modifications caused by the Sapiens risk breaking that promise forever. Rai Cultura’s homage to Giorgio Strehler, the Italian theater director, considered one of the most representative of the European scene, 100 years after his birth, continues with Mozart’s “Don Giovanni” broadcast tomorrow at 10.00 on Rai5. The proposed staging is that of the Teatro alla Scala, which has gone down in history for the absolute excellence of the artistic contributions of Riccardo Muti and Giorgio Strehler. In the cast, Thomas Allen, Claudio Desderi, Edita Gruberova, Ann Murray, Susanne Mentzer, Francisco Araiza and Natale de Carolis. TV directed by Carlo Battistoni. Art, cinema and the traces scattered in the Divine Comedy that testify to Dante Alighieri’s knowledge of Judaism. Appointment with “Sorgente di vita”, tomorrow at 8.50 on Rai2, with an episode that begins with Eva Fischer and her dialogue with colors: a great retrospective in Cagliari is dedicated to her. Open until October 17, the exhibition offers four floors of exhibition and an exhibition enriched by footage, brushes, palette, easel and personal objects of the artist. A journey into the art and history of the twentieth century following the different pictorial cycles that also tell the personal stories of a Jewish artist, born in 1920 and disappeared in 2015, who passed through a century poisoned by the horrors of Nazi-fascism. The interview with the curators of the exhibition Efisio Carbone and Alan David Baumann and the one with the artist from the Sorgente di Vita archive. The relationship between Dante and Judaism, seven hundred years after the death of the great poet, at the center of numerous initiatives and celebrations this year. Symbol and icon of Italian culture, Dante has disseminated his works, starting with the most famous, the Divine Comedy, with biblical citations and interesting references to Jews, Jewish culture and mysticism. He also frequented some rabbis and Kabbalists of the time. The Judaist and writer Vittorio Robiati Bendaud and the teacher Enrico Castelli will talk about it. Finally, a journey into the cinematography of David Perlov, an Israeli director who died in 2003, starting with “Diary”, an imposing documentary, with extended times and unusual rhythms in which the filmmaker films, with a tender and severe eye, Israel and its tensions war, but also the daily life of his family. A work that lasted ten years, from 1973 to 1983, in which Perlov has woven a complex intertwining between life and images. Perlov’s two daughters, Yael and Naomi, talk about it.


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