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Nevermind’s kid sues Nirvana after 30 years


After 30 years on the cover of Nevermind, the ex-child sues Nirvana. The disc, as is known, on the cover had the image of a naked baby in the water of a swimming pool: in front of the 4-month-old baby, the image of a dollar bill tied to a hook was inserted. The baby was Spencer Elden. The man, now in his 30s, has filed a lawsuit claiming that Kurt Cobain’s band – with record companies, directors and photographers – violated federal child pornography laws and caused him permanent damage, as reported. Cbs. Each of the 17 people called into question is asked for compensation of $ 150,000. Elden believes that his “identity and name are forever linked to the commercial sexual exploitation” that he was forced to experience “as a child”. In essence, damage suffered “from when he was a child until today”, according to the documents filed with the Federal Court in Los Angeles. The subjects cited, starting with the living members of the band (Dave Grohl and Krist Novoselic), are accused of having “produced and marketed the image” without taking steps “to protect Spencer and avoid widespread sexual exploitation” of the image itself. . The child’s parents would not have signed any releases at the time. As CBS recalls, the record company Geffen Records initially shipped 46,521 copies of Nevermind to retailers, hoping to collectively sell 200,000 copies of the record. The album has surpassed 30 million copies sold.


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