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We will talk again about the case of Denise Pipitone, in the episode of “Who has seen it?”, Tomorrow at 21.20 on Rai3. A new witness claims that he has known the truth for 17 years but did not speak before out of fear. After the letter sent to the lawyer Giacomo Frazzitta, the anonymous also wrote to “Who has seen it?”. And then we will talk about the mysterious disappearance of Riccardo Giuliani who was supposed to get married and had already paid for the wedding dinner: his car has been found, but still no trace of the young man from Busto Arsizio. As always, the appeals, requests for help and reports of people in difficulty. Tomorrow at 9.20 pm Rai2 will offer its audience the comedy by Federico Moccia “Non’è campo” with Vanessa Incontrada, Gianmarco Tognazzi, Elodie, Corrado Fortuna. Laura is a high school teacher who organizes a cultural visit for her students, hosted by a well-known artist in a small Apulian village. The kids are thrilled to have a different week than usual. When they arrive at their destination, however, a surprise awaits them: the mobile phones do not receive a signal and it is impossible to connect to the internet. They are forced to return to direct communication that will bring to light unpredictable reactions, unspeakable secrets and new loves: nevertheless, the trip will be a moment of growth and turning point for young people and adults. Anna Lorenzetto was born in Rome on April 18, 1914, immediately active in the women’s and anti-fascist movement, she was a great pedagogue: twenty years after her death, Rai Cultura remembers her with the Special “Anna Lorenzetto” signed by Simona Fasulo – which he is also responsible for the direction – and Anna Maria Sorbo, with the collaboration of Marilisa Calò, on air for the first time tomorrow at 10.10 pm on Rai Storia. With her extraordinary work, Anna Lorenzetto has realized a great educational idea, committing herself throughout her life to fight illiteracy, founding in the post-war period the National Union for the Fight against Illiteracy and the Centers of Popular Culture, attracting great attention not only in Italy but on an international level, but also drawing the attention of UNESCO, with whom he will collaborate with delicate and important tasks. On Rai1 Atalanta-Juventus – On Rai Movie ‘Professor for love’ Since 2008, the year in which the Italian Cup final returned to the “dry” match, the match that awards the second national trophy in order of importance, after the Scudetto and before the SuperCoppa it had always been played in Rome. This year, however, also due to the make-up to which the Football Federation will submit the Olimpico in view of the European Championships – the Roman facility will be the “home” of the Azzurri who will play all three games of the elimination round – the Tricolor Cup moves to the … city of the tricolor. It will be the Mapei Stadium in Reggio Emilia, in fact, the city that first saw the green and white banner waved, on 7 January 1797, to host the match between Atalanta and Juventus. The match between the Nerazzurri from Bergamo and the Bianconeri, among other things, will also mark the return to the stands of the public, for the first time since last year’s lockdown, with 4200 fans in the stands (20% of the capacity): Juventus holds the record of victories in the event – 13 – while Atalanta is stuck with the success dated 2 June 1963, 3-1 at Turin in the final played at San Siro. Atalanta-Juventus, scheduled for tomorrow with kick-off at 21.00, will be broadcast live on Rai1, with connection immediately after Tg1, at 20.35: the commentary of the match will be by Alberto Rimedio and Antonio Di Gennaro, with interviews by Donatella Scarnati and Aurelio Capaldi, and the external studio conduction of Paola Ferrari, with Claudio Marchisio and Enrico Varriale: a large post-match, however, will be broadcast on Raisport + HD. As also happened for the 2020 final, the match will also be broadcast by Rai 4K, in Ultra HD resolution on channel 210 of the Tivùsat satellite platform. On Rai Movie (channel 24 of digital terrestrial) tomorrow in prime time, at 21.10, will be broadcast “Professor for love”, the fourth film of the partnership between director Marc Lawrence and Hugh Grant. Keith Michaels was a successful, Academy Award-winning screenwriter, but he has long since been in trouble. No one has accepted his scripts anymore and to support himself he is forced to find a job as a university teacher in the state of New York. Here he falls in love with his pupil Holly, a brilliant woman, mother of two girls, who cherishes the dream of writing. A romantic and original comedy that invites change and be surprised by new possibilities. In the cast also the splendid Marisa Tomei, Jonathan Kimble Simmons and Allison Janney. Afterwards, the “MovieMag” magazine will dedicate an in-depth study to the film. From the Opera House Stuttgart a poignant love story in a great classic of ballet: it is “Onegin” by John Cranko, one of the most important British choreographer of the twentieth century, which Rai Cultura proposes tomorrow at 9.15 pm on Rai5. Inspired by the novel of the same name in verse by Aleksandr Pushkin that Cranko revisited in 1965 to music by Pëtr Il’č Čajkovskij arranged and orchestrated by Kurt-Heinze Stolze, the ballet is proposed in the version performed by the Stuttgart Ballet in 2017 with the sets and costumes by Jürgen Rose and musical direction by James Tuggle. Main actors Friedemann Vogel (Onegin), Alicia Amatriain (Tatiana), David Moore (Lensky), Elisa Badenes (Olga), Jason Reilly (Prince Gremin), Melinda Witham (Madame Larina) and Marcia Haydée (Nurse of Tatiana and Olga). Conceived precisely for the Stuttgart Ballet, one of the most popular dance companies in the world of which Cranko was a reformer and artistic director from 1961 to 1973, “Onegin” does not use the music of Tchaikovsky’s famous opera, but is built on a score composite music, which mainly collects pieces by the Russian composer little known to the general public. A perfect example of a romantic action ballet, it is the story of a young aristocrat bored with life who, after killing a friend in a duel and playing mercilessly with true love, will recognize his mistakes too late. Television directed by Michael Beyer. On Rai Storia ‘Palermo as Beirut: the story of Rocco Chinnici’ – On Rai3 ‘Elisir’ In the hardest years, the history of Palermo is a continuous relay on the edge of death, a witness passed from hand to hand, a funeral behind the other, continually wondering who the next victim will be. It also happens on July 29, 1983, when a car bomb exploded under his house in Palermo kills judge Rocco Chinnici, the creator of the anti-mafia pool, in the first mafia-type terrorist massacre. With the magistrate, the marshal of the carabinieri Mario Trapassi, the constable Salvatore Bartolotta, and the building’s goalkeeper, Stefano Li Sacchi, are killed. Get retraced by the documentary “Palermo as Beirut: the story of Rocco Chinnici”, which Rai Cultura proposes tomorrow at 15.00 on Rai Storia, as part of the offer dedicated to students. Shy and kind man, determined and rigorous magistrate, Chinnici went through the history of Sicily, dealing with the viale Lazio massacre and becoming an Instructor Advisor in 1979, after the death of Cesare Terranova. It is he who chose Giovanni Falcone and Paolo Borsellino, as leading men of his pool of magistrates and to direct them in the investigative method that would lead to the investigation of the maxi-trial, in 1985, and then to the historic trial, which lasted two years, ended with life sentences and 2,665 years in prison for over 300 mafia members. The story of Chinnici’s life is intertwined with the hardest years of Palermo, and he meets the men of the State who fell to fight the mafia, one after another, from Emanuele Basile to Pio La Torre, from Carlo Alberto Dalla Chiesa to Gaetano Costa, from Boris Giuliano to Cesare Terranova. To remember Judge Chinnici, together with his interviews and archive images, the testimonies of his daughter Caterina Chinnici, also a magistrate, of the former Carabinieri General Angiolo Pellegrini, and of the historian Salvatore Lupo. In the first part of “Elisir”, the medical program conducted by Michele Mirabella and Benedetta Rinaldi, broadcast tomorrow at 11 on Rai3, space for voice problems. What can they be caused by? How can you prevent them? It is discussed with Professor Gaetano Paludetti, Otolaryngology Director of the Gemelli Polyclinic in Rome. Hiccups are a trivial but annoying disorder. Can it create problems? And, if so, can it be cured? Professor Roberto Penagini, a gastroenterologist at the University of Milan, will answer all the questions to understand what are the causes and the false myths that need to be dispelled to make it pass. Finally, stress and diet: how to regulate yourself? We will talk about it with Dr. Stefano Erzegovesi, Nutritionist and Psychiatrist at the San Raffaele Hospital in Milan. It will be a fourth special appointment with the RIF, the Museum of the Suburbs of Tor Bella Monaca, a project of Roma Capitale, Azienda Speciale Palaexpo, Municipality VI with which Rai Radiolive has a media partnership. “Non solo performing arts”, tomorrow at 12, will tell the story of the Iper Festival, which will take place from 21 to 23 May next. Monica Bartocci interviewed the creator Giorgio de Finis on the program of meetings, artistic performances, video art, concerts, films, documentaries, lectures and round tables, in the Roman suburbs and in that of other metropolises. The multidisciplinary and free review includes 200 events and 400 accredited personalities including artists, musicians, urban planners, architects, anthropologists, philosophers and directors who will offer contributions and points of view on the topic. “Not only performing arts” can be listened to at the link, or on RaiPlay Radio and on all digital devices.



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