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Summer: from 3 to 12 September in Pescara the Dannunziano Festival, on the 5th De Gregori in concert


“De Gregori, Alice, Bollani, and then again Morgan, Sgarbi, Guerri, Veneziani and Bennato. These are just some of the big names and leading names in the third edition of the ‘Dannunziano Festival’, a seed that we launched in 2019 with the ‘Revolution Day’ with the aim of returning D’Annunzio to his city, of removing the dust from the character allowing the Abruzzese and Italians to rediscover the figure. Today we are reaping the fruits of that seed, proposing a renewed edition of an event that has become a real festival dedicated, in the 2021 edition, to the theme of ‘The rising city: Rhythm, Speed, Movement’ and which will unfold from 3 to 12 September next and which, among other things, will focus on the recovery of D’Annunzio’s places devastated by the fires of early August, such as our pine forest: the main events and shows will include a liberal donation from the public who will book their presence, starting from 5 or 10 euros, and the collected sum will be donated to all the D’Annunzio municipalities that have been affected by the fires, a way to make every single citizen feel an active part of the great rehabilitation work that the municipal administration will have to realize “. This was announced by the President of the Council of the Abruzzo Region Lorenzo Sospiri during the press conference convened to formalize the program of the events of the Dannunziano 2021 Festival, in the presence of the mayor of Pescara Carlo Masci. “Obviously what will start on September 3rd will be the second edition of the Festival, however conditioned by the pandemic emergency – underlined President Sospiri -. Last year was that of social distancing, of quota places, the one that will open in a few days will be the edition of the Green Pass, which we will face as always, for an event that is financed thanks to the presence of important names and sponsors. From 3 to 12 September we will have a roundup of main events, but above all moments of great culture with the presentation of books and volumes, some not yet printed, but which are already animating the debate around the name of d’Annunzio and his businesses. “.” Among the highlights of the festival we will have the Regatta dedicated to d’Annunzio on 4 September which will include a double event, that is, on the one hand, the recovery of the relationship with the sea which, among other things, falls in the year in which Pescara has won the Blue Flag, on the other hand the desire to institutionalize the initiative making it one of the most important events for the Adriatic. On 6 September there will be the play Clitemnestra written by Luciano Violante who, starting from the focus of the classic myth, talks about the relationship with justice, and with him there will be the Tsa and Buttafuoco. On 7 September we will turn the spotlight on ‘Nuvolari’: the entire 2021 edition of the Festival is dedicated to the theme of Movement, Speed ​​and Rhythm, so it is certainly interesting to investigate d’Annunzio’s relationship with the Acerbo Cup. Another cultural container of international importance will be the recovery of the ante-Rijeka d’Annunzio, therefore the D’Annunzio cenacle with the presence of Vittorio Sgarbi who on 9 September will present 10 paintings by Michetti never seen before. On the last day, September 12, we will present with Giordano Bruno Guerri the book on the 100th anniversary of the Vittoriale, one of the most important monumental buildings after the Quirinale. For the occasion we will connect with the President of the Lombardy Region Fontana, who will discuss with the Mayor of Pescara Masci and with the President of the Abruzzo Region Marsilio to create an exchange of flows of people and experiences and enhance D’Annunzio’s places, reaffirming the ‘friendship between our places “.” And then on the occasion – added President Sospiri – d’Annunzio will be tried with accusation and defense, in the presence of the Director of TG2 Sangiuliano, Marcello Veneziani, Jacopo Fo, witnesses, jurors and a judge. The main events are always linked to the theme of speed with Francesco De Gregori, with the artists of the Conservatory who will celebrate the 100th anniversary of the birth of Astor Piazolla, and then there will be Morgan, Bollani, Alice who will sing Battiato, a moment of great emotion at the equal to the one experienced last year with the tribute to Morricone, Karima and Bennato “.” Historically – added President Sospiri – the events of the Festival have always been popular, participatory and free, this year they will certainly remain popular and participated, but they will not be free because when booking the main events we will ask for a liberal donation starting from 5 or 10 euros in order to give concrete and useful support to help the municipal administration of Pescara and other D’Annunzio places to recover later the fires that have devastated our symbolic places. The sums collected will flow into a current account of the Abruzzo Region which will then donate them to Pescara, Ortona and the other interested cities, remembering that d’Annunzio is our very identity ”. The mayor Masci received thanks for this choice “made by the Abruzzo Region which is in line with the participation of citizens in the aftermath of the fire that devastated our pine forest. And an important signal is the community that takes part in the reconstruction of an identity part of the city, as was d’Annunzio who lived in that part of the territory. Three years ago we experienced a risky, adventurous initiative which today proved to be a success “The Program: -Friday 3 September, at the Aurum: • 6pm donation of D’Annunzio’s rose bulbs to the city of Pescara and transfer of an award-recognition to the president of the Vittoriale Giordano Bruno Guerri; • 7 pm presentation of the volume ‘d’Annunzio and the other shore of the Adriatic-History, memory and poetry’ with the National Association of Venezia Giulia and Dalmazia, with the participation of Donatella Bracali, Marino Micich and Adriana Ivanov Danieli, with speeches by Giulia Basel and Alessio Tessitore; • 9.00 pm ‘Dante in d’Annunzio’ show with Vanessa Gravina and Franca Minnucci – Saturday 4th September: • 9.30 am D’Annunzio offshore sailing regatta – 1st Trofeo d’Annunzio City of Pescara, at the tourist port; • 18.00-20.00 Presentation of books and exhibitions at the Aurum: ‘I Manifesti di Fiume’, with extracts from the book ‘Let’s take the Victory’ with Giordano Bruno Guerri, Marino Micich and Emiliano Loria, author and volume; ‘The mottos of d’Annunzio at the Vittoriale’ with Patrizia Paradisi and Guerri, in world premiere; • 9 pm screening at the Teatro d’Annunzio of the film ‘Il Cattivo Poeta’ with Francesco Patanè; – Sunday 5 September, Aurum: • 6 pm , presentation of ‘Una Donna’ by Renata Montanarella d’Annunzio, in preview, with the participation of Maria Teresa Montanarella, daughter of Renata and only live granddaughter of Vate, with Tobias Fior, Angelo Piero Cappello and Daniela Musini; • 7 pm presentation of ‘Francesca da Rimini’ with Gibellini, Elena Maiolini and Angelo Piero Cappello; • 9 pm Concert by Francesco De Gregori; -Monday 6 September, Aurum: • 7 pm presentation of ‘Studies on Jesus’ by Angelo Piero Cappello, with Giannantonio and Marianacci; • 9 pm TSA ‘Clitemnestra’ show with Luciano Violante, Pietrangelo Buttafuoco, Viola Graziosi-Tuesday 7 September: • 6 pm Screening of the film and volume ‘Alberto Spadolini at the Gabriele d’Annunzio School’, with heirs Spadolini and Marco Travaglini, a the Aurum; • 7 pm ‘Nuvolari’ with Attilio Falconi, Director of the Nuvolari Museum, with the screening of films and the presentation of the book ‘Millemiglia’, at the Aurum; • 9 pm Cinetango: d’Annunzio and the Tango, 100 years since the birth of Astor Piazzolla, with the Director Molinelli and the maestro Pitocco who will play the bandoneon, at the Teatro d’Annunzio; – Wednesday 8 September: • 7pm ‘L’aquila di Fiume’, a preview of the Croatian documentary by Velimir Grgic world, with Giordano Bruno Guerri and Federico Carlo Simonelli, at the Aurum; • 9 pm Concert Morgan live ‘d’Annunzio and other tales’ – The Medit Orchestra meets Morgan at the Teatro d’Annunzio-Thursday 9 September, at the Teatro d’Annunzio : • 7 pm Vittorio Sgarbi presents Michetti’s 100 works; • 10.15 pm Bollani Concert-Friday 10 September: • 4.30 pm Presentation of the Conservatory’s book with Francesco Antonioni, at the ‘Luisa D’Annunzio’ Conservatory; documentary by Stefano Casertano ‘The Poet who wanted to be king’ • 9 pm Co ncerto ‘Alice sings Battiato’ at the Teatro d’Annunzio-Saturday 11 September: • 19.00 Reading of the texts of d’Annunzio on the Pineta and Pescara, with Francini, at the D’Annunziana Pineta; • 20.00 ‘The most beautiful phrases of Osho’ with Federico Palmaroli, at the Aurum; • 9.00 pm Concert ‘Futura: Rhythm and Movement’ the Medit Orchestra meets Karima, Director Maestro Angelo Valori, with Luca Aquino on the trumpet, Giovanni Guidi on the piano, at the Aurum-Sunday 12 September: • hours 11 Abruzzo-Lombardy, Pescara capital of culture and books with Galli, Lorenzo Sospiri, Carlo Masci, Marco Marsilio, Giordano Bruno Guerri and President Fontana, at the Aurum; • Presentation of the book ‘One hundred years of the Vittoriale’, screening of films , with Raimondo, Guerri and Micich, at the Aurum; • 6.00 pm Exhibition and reproductions of the writings ‘d’Annunzio on Dante’ with Marcello Veneziani, at the Aurum; • 7.00 pm Trial at d’Annunzio with Marco Marsilio, Francesca Fagnani, Giordano Bruno Guerri in the role of d’Annunzio, the Sangiulia Director no, Jacopo Fò, Marcello Veneziani, Daniela Musini and Franca Minnucci, and a popular jury, at the Aurum • 9 pm Concert by Edoardo Bennato.


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